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Digital Marketing

10 Tips for increasing online sales with eCommerce Digital Marketing

Tips for Digital Marketing

With every tick of the clock, a business goes online. The online market has never been so booming and hustling. Digital marketing is the only thing from which you can grow your business online.

In the current times when all of us are subject to the four walls of our home, online shopping seems a convenient option. Businesses want to increase sales; hence they struggle to attract customers with blazing colorful advertisements and bombarding them with product suggestions. 

But e-commerce is more about flashy advertisements; it’s about bonding and connecting with your target audience. You have to slowly creep into the life of your potential customers without annoying them. Let’s discuss ten tips for increasing online sales with eCommerce digital marketing.

1.     Social Media Advertisement

The only people who are absent from social media are those who are living on a stranded Island or high snow peak mountains. The easiest way to reach your customer is through social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat have changed their algorithms to support business advertisements wherein they help you to find your target audience. Show your advertisement to a specific pool of users at a very affordable price. Let’s be honest, we buy things that we see the most.

2.     Grow email subscriber

Let’s think of something that everyone would have, that they would constantly check and wouldn’t be easily missed from their eyesight. The most viable answer is email inboxes. With email marketing, you can turn your one-time purchases into loyal customers.

Greet them with a Welcome-mail. Send them regular emails for

  • the new offers available
  • new collections
  • new products
  • upcoming sales season
  • Gift coupons or credit facilities

The pro tip here is to properly design your subject line so that it doesn’t go into the spam folder and also attracts the interest of the customer.

3.     Personalize the landing pages

When was the last time when you walked into an outdated store and made a purchase? Most of the people won’t even spend 2 minutes inside these shops. People are always looking for something new and relevant. If your landing page keeps on showing them summer products in the approaching months of winter, there will hardly be any purchase. With behavioral statistics and transaction data, you can personalize your landing page according to the customers’ likes. Your landing pages should sync with the latest trends, seasons, festivals, events, and user interests.

4.     Contribute to other related blogs

Suppose you are reading a blog on your favorite blogging website, and they are talking about a certain brand in great esteem. Are you likely to check out that brand? Most people would say yes to this. The psychology of humans is to trust third-party or reliable sources. The exact reason, why influencers get so many brand collaborations these days? You get brand awareness, referral traffic, leads, and sales from just a few guest posts. Talk about a better win-win?

5.     Attract customers with blogging

To move up the result page ladder, you need to have a consistent online presence. How to do so, you ask? Blogging regularly about your services, relevant topics, and current affairs related to your business.

The key here is to balance the use of keywords. Your blogs should have some necessary keywords that help the search engines to find you, but too many make you an outcast.

6.     Display customer reviews

Innumerable brands have never spent a penny in advertisements, but still, their turnovers are in millions. Wonder how they do it? It’s all about providing quality service or products. The customers are so bewitched by the services or products that they do not go back and ask others to switch for the same. It is how powerful, genuine reviews can be.

You can invest in User-Generated Content UGC to generate positive product reviews.  It will enable you to put out the exact words you want to hear about your brand.

7.     Minimize sales return

Nightmare for any business owner is the return on a purchase. It makes the whole process of the transaction a complete loss. But once you find the common reasons for a return, you can improve your website or services to make sure these returns don’t happen. Suppose a customer returns the product because of size issues; you can try to implement size guides and fitting tools on your website, which will help the customer pick up the right size.

The key is to find out the most common reason for return and then solve the problem. Although there might be customers who do not give any appropriate reasons for return, in that case, you need to have rigid return policies.

8.     Create visual content worth sharing

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that e-commerce is not about attracting customers but engaging with them. For example, if you are a makeup brand, you might make videos on different types of makeup for other occasions. At the end of the video, you can give a CTA for the viewers to check out your website. Even though they might not make a purchase the very first time, gradually, your visual content will lure them into buying your products.

9.     Generate related products suggestion

While going through your website, you must receive suggestions or recommendations on the available products for purchase. It can be done by setting an algorithm that suggests the client’s products based upon their earlier investments. The window showing these selections must not acquire the central stage, but they should be placed where people might not notice. So one must make their website or app so that the main product is being showcased, but the suggestion is not shadowed by it.

10. Complement unhappy customers

Sometimes customers or clients might be unsatisfied with the experience they had with your app or website. One should carefully read all the complaints they receive and answer the customers in the most logical yet pleasant way possible. Also, you must bring those offers so that they are still in business with you. However, the most important fact is that if any complaints directly to a change of the website’s interface, try to make it quick as this makes the customer feel immensely valuable.

So, these were our 10 Tips for increasing online sales with eCommerce Digital Marketing. If you are looking for a Digital marketing agency in Sydney for your business, Supportsoft will help you to increase online sales.

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