Wearing Sarees

Let us just acknowledge that there are many ways to style a saree for your workplace.In reality, it’s very different compared to what you may anticipate. While wearing nine yards of clothing seems to be a lot of fun at a wedding or indeed a family gathering, it requires new dimensions to pull off as formal dress.When you wear your brand-new modern saree towards work, it ought to be incredibly cozy, easily elegant, plus reflect your personality. You could end up being the fashionable boss that everyone aspires to impress if you can accomplish this all whilst donning an additional layer of long apparel.

You don’t need to worry about how to project an image of something like a style symbol at work. We looked further into the internet and discovered several online businesses whose saree collections gave us the greatest advice for giving any saree more professional appearance. To get your saree looking a little more formal, all you are required to do is take notes and experiment. Trust us when we say that the advice is straightforward and uncomplicated, and you’ll typically regret not using it sooner. However, scroll down to view the straightforward advice. 

Correct the color 

If you’d like to come out as professional, stay absolutely away from bold colors. Inside an office setting, you should wear apparel that is both understated and fashionable. Vibrant patterns in eye-popping hues and bold prints generally turn people away. Don’t ever make this fashion faux pas at your business premises since it will turn visitors away.Use earthy or subdued pastel colors for your office sarees to add sophistication.

Blouse Issues 

Under no circumstances should one’s blouse not complement the sari. Something that you can maintain all day long without feeling uncomfortable, and it ought to ideally elevate your high quality saree. To avoid drawing unnecessary attention to your dress, try wearing a blouse that is the same color as your saree rather than one that is contrasting. In the event that you enjoy employing contrasting tones for any blouse, use caution when choosing your hues. 

Some excellent techniques for making your blouse pop out without overpowering your saree style include boat necks, even collar necks, long sleeves, plus edgy back patterns.To add professionalism to overall appearance, definitely try these

The proper accessories 

Accessories are required to add some glitz to your saree. Just be cautious about overextending it. Don’t really layer on too much clothing. A simple pair of earrings, a statement bracelet, or even a statement necklace will work wonders. To give the sarees a perfect lift, go for delicate clothing or oxidized silver jewelry instead of flashy accessories. With sarees that have a formal appearance, wooden jewelry, and the must-have terracotta accessories would therefore look fantastic. Do not attempt to wear everything at once. If you’re wearing a statement necklace, keep your bracelets simple. 

Easy Hairstyles 

A saree and perfectly coiffed hair are signs of professionalism. Messy hairstyles should not be worn to work. You will undoubtedly appear edgy if you maintain your locks tidy and your style organized. You might try a few hairstyles without worrying that you’ll overload your hair, such as basic blow-dried hair, proper well-braided hair, elegant hair buns, and fine ponytails. Along with your sarees, these all look really stylish. 

Neutralize Your Makeup 

You shouldn’t wear red lipstick or sparkly highlighter to work. It’s a setting where you shouldn’t try to attract attention. Your own style should exude ease. Always choose a simple, drama-free neutral makeup look. Most days, eyeliner and a subtle lip color are sufficient. 

Use a watch 

This could shock a lot of people. That cannot, however, change the fact that even a watch constitutes the sole accessory that may subtly add professionalism to something like a banarsi sari. Witness the magic happen when you wear your sarees with only a trendy watch. Watches have the natural ability to make you appear quite formal. 

Following the aforementioned advice, your office attire sarees will undoubtedly create a statement. Many people undervalue the professionalism that wearing a saree at job brings. Don’t assume that wearing a saree is only appropriate for formal occasions and annual festivals. In reality, it’s a much more attractive ensemble than the much-publicized blazers and suits. Choose the proper saree. Design it. Continue bragging about it. 

A Business Woman’s Guide to Saree Etiquette 

The majority of us would want to wear sarees to work, but we frequently abandon the notion due to a few of the following beliefs. 

  • The saree lacks professionalism and could attract unwanted attention. 
  •  If you choose to wear a beautiful saree, getting ready takes too long. 
  • A lack of style options and accessories to make a saree appear more professional. 

So let’s talk about the challenges women experience while choosing to wear sarees to formal settings like corporate offices plus corporate events today. 

Sarees should be worn properly with blouses and petticoats 

To appear your best professionally, it’s crucial to pay close attention to such two pieces that complete a saree. 

  • Choose a blouse with something like a high neck or even a collar; stay away from round, low-line, also backless blouses. 
  • Longer sleeves—either full sleeves or even elbow-length sleeves—are always preferred. 
  • Ensure that the petticoat has never been visible somewhere at foot or underneath the saree. Employ a petticoat of the same hue. For the best results with regard to saree elevation from the ground, petticoat fit, plus pleat adjustment, try wearing heels or standing on a little stool (whatever large object with something like a flat surface around 5 cm high would work). 
  • Keep your skin covered and properly cover the abdomen. 
  • Don’t really leave the pallu dangling; firmly pin up. Avoiding saree slipping off from the shoulders are indeed a fashion faux pas that we must prevent. 
  • For optimal results, make at least 6–8 pleats. While we are aware that this may be the most challenging aspect of dressing a saree, anyone can utilize a pleat maker in order to really accomplish this.

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