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A Complete Tyres Guide that make you expert

Tyres Guide

When it comes to tyres, knowing all about it is a blessing as it can help one in many ways. This is because tyres can be confusing and it has several categories and varieties under it. Not just that, there are a lot of details associated with the car tyres online, and it is one of the most important things in a car.

A lot depends on these circular rubber wrapped around the car wheels. Tyres are responsible for the smooth and easy running of the car on the tarmac as it is the touchpoint of both. So it can be said that tyres work as the mediator between the two, which is a huge responsibility.

Tyres can be of various kinds, but it is important to know which are good tyres. The transport authorities have made certain rules and regulations for tyres that can be sold and purchased. There are illegal tyres sold in the market by some fraud dealers who sell them as cheap tyres near me. It is always safe and reliable to get good tyres that meet the legal standards. Sometime it may be cost a little more. This is because tyre rules are made keeping the car and the road safety aspect in mind, which makes the drive much more smooth and life a lot easier. Moreover, you shall be penalised if caught using illegal tyres or tyres which are not road-worthy anymore.

Importance of Tread Depth

One of the major legal factors that might lead to the driver’s penalty is the bad treads of a tyre. The tread depth of a tyre is crucial for proper grip and braking and some other things. There is a legalised minimum tread depth limit on the crossing, which one might have to pay a heavy fine if not any stricter step is taken under the law.

At present, the minimum tread depth is kept at 1.6mm in the UK. But it varies from one country to another like in Germany it is kept at 3mm. Even though the UK has 1.6mm as the minimum limit, many tyre experts believe that it should not go down more than 3mm, as anything below that shall result in troubled driving and less reliability. However, due to the environmental concerns and the amount of tyre waste piling up over the decades due to frequent tyre change, it has been kept at a really low limit. But even then, if one is caught going against such an important tyre rule on the road, he shall have to face its consequences.

Tyre brands like Michelin argue that if you use a premium tyre, it shall work as properly as a new tyre, even at 3mm. Whereas, budget tyres are not reliable in such matters, so it is always suggested to purchase a premium tyre over a budget tyre. But even then, the risk of aquaplaning persists with a low tread depth tyre, so total safety can only be ensured by replacing them.

Importance of Tyre Pressure

Another important factor is tyre pressure that influences the drive to a huge extent. Therefore, maintaining the exact tyre pressure is vital as both inflation and inflation can be detrimental to the tyre’s health. Overinflation shall make handling difficult, leading to unavoidable traffic accidents, whereas underinflation shall lead to unnecessary fuel consumption. So it is necessary to know the right tyre pressure for your tyres, which can be easily found in the owner’s manual. Usually, two types of measurements are given, one for general drive and one for heavy loads. This helps you to understand what shall your tyre pressure be in different situations for the optimal experience.

Checking tyre pressure is simple and should be done frequently. But, first, you need to drive to the nearby fuel station, service centre or garage and get them checked. If there’s any need for adjustments, it can be done then and thereby inflating or deflating a little.

Cars with a tyre pressure monitoring system installed can be alerted by it in really low tyre pressure. Though sometimes it might be a false alarm, there’s no harm in checking the pressure on getting an alert.

Good Tyre Makers

While choosing the tyre brand for your new tyre purchase is a personal choice, it should be an informed one. So here are some good suggestions that shall help you in making such decisions.

There are two options when you buy a new tyre:

  • Getting a branded tyre.
  • Get a budget tyre without a trusted brand name attached to it.

While some budget tyres perform well, it is always advised to get a premium tyre for all-around performance and maximum safety. The brand name comes from the trust of several people over the past ages. The years of experience in the field. It is a really good bargain for its cost if you think of it. Some of the globally renowned tyre brands are Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Pirelli, Dunlop, Continental and many more.

Tyre Life

There is no simple answer to the question of how much is the life of a tyre? This is because there are a lot of variables that affect tyre life. It is not enough to buy a well-branded tyre and not care for it further and expect it to last long. Sometimes even with proper care and maintenance, an ordinary tyre might last longer than it should. Things like driving habit, driving situation, weather, tyre pressure, tyre maintenance, etc., affect the life of a tyre. So if you take proper care and maintain your car tyres and also use it in a just way, it can last as long as a decade, which is a rare situation, though, but not impossible. Usually, car tyres are seen to last 5 to 6 years in general.

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