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Udaipur is very well referred to as Venice of the East because this is the city of lakes located around azure water lakes and covered by lush green hills of Aravalli. Visiting this particular city is definitely a great idea so that people can easily experience the architectural beauty and can visit the solar Observatory on Lake Fateh Sagar Observatory in India which is located on the island. While visiting Udaipur plan your stay in lakend Udaipur. It is a great idea to have the mesmerising experience of a lifetime. Some of the major places to be visited in the city of Udaipur are very well explained as follows:

  1. MotiMagri: This is the impressive bronze statue of Maharana Pratap on his horse which is standing at the top overlooking the Fateh Sagar. Local people can easily climb up the hill to pay homage to Rana Pratap and his faithful charger who was CHETAK. He was very well protective for the master and stood by him until the last breath. This loyal animal sacrificed its life while carrying the master safely to Haldighati from the battlefield. Hence, visiting this particular place is definitely worth it to enjoy the mesmerising statue of Maharana Pratap with his horse.
  2. City Palace: This is the majestic architectural marvel which is located over the lake on the hill surrounded by the walls. This place is the best combination of terraces, corridors, rooms, a hanging garden and a courtyard. A very high-tech light and sound show are conducted every evening over here which is successful in bringing alive the rich history of MEWAR. So, if individuals are interested to get insights into the rich history of this place, then visiting this city Palace is a great idea.
  3. Lake Palace: This place was originally known as JAGNIWAS and very well served as a summer palace for the Royals. This place was built between 1743-1746 on the island near JAG Mandir in Lake Pichola. This place was one of the best possible places to be visited at that time and this particular concept is also prevalent in the present world. The walls of this place are built of black and white marble along with semi-precious stones and ornamented niches. This place is very well surrounded by courtyards, terraces, fountains and gardens which makes it definitely worth visiting.
  4. JAG Mandir: This place is built on the island of lake Pichola and is also known as Lake Garden Palace. The construction of this area began in 1620 and was completed in 1652. Royal family very well used to stay in this particular place as a summer resort for hosting parties and interestingly emperor Shahjahan was given shelter at this place when he rebelled against his father Emperor Jahangir. The palace is having a very rich history and also had a significant impact on emperor Shah Jahan that it went on to become the inspiration for one of the most magnificent wonders of the world which is the Taj Mahal.
  5. Monsoon Palace: This place is situated very near to the city of Udaipur and was built in the 19th century on the top of BANSDARA Hills. This place is very well used as a monsoon Palace and hunting Lodge which was for Maharana Sajjan Singh. He originally planned to make this particular place an astronomical centre but the plan was cancelled due to the premature death of Maharana. This particular place is still one of the major places to be visited in the city of Udaipur due to the skyline view provided by it and the spectacular sight of the city which makes it very much popular among the around areas.
  6. AHAR museum: This particular place is very well located in close proximity to the impressive cluster of CENOTAPHS of Maharanas of MAWAR. The museum has been very much successful in providing people with a very rare collection of pottery and people can even browse through different kinds of archaeological finds and sculptures at this particular place. So, any level of history must go with the option of visiting this particular place so that they can have easy access to different kinds of special attractions over here along with a very whole new experience.
  7. Jagdish Temple: This place is one of the major religiously important places in the city of Udaipur and was built in 1651. This place very well continues to be one of the famous temples in and around the city of Udaipur which has been dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The structure is an architectural marvel with pillars and graceful ceilings and painted walls. This triple-storey building was built by Maharana Jagat Singh I during his tenure.
  8. Fateh Sagar Lake: This is a very delightful place to be visited by individuals whenever they plan out a visit to the city of Udaipur. This lying north of lake Pichola and is an artificial lake which is connected to Pichola by a canal. This place is also having a very beautiful Nehru Island on which people can easily find the Udaipur Solar Observatory. This place is one of the most important places to be visited in the city of Udaipur so that people can get very close to nature very easily.
  9. Lake Pichola: Pichola was the name of the village which was very famous due to the historical relevance associated with it. Due to this particular point, this lake has been given a similar name and the islands of Jag Mandir are also housed in this particular lake. Along with the eastern banks of the lake, there is a city Palace and the boat ride in the lake very well provides people with access to the breathtaking sunset views of the lake as well as the City Palace.

In addition to the above-mentioned points visiting the yeah Uday Sagar Lake is very much important for people so that they can have access to the best places in the city of Udaipur very easily. Further, plan to stay in lakend Udaipur  so that everyone can enjoy easy access to the major tourist attractions along with the best of the facilities.

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