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How To Choose Your Safe Clothes This Diwali?

Safe Clothes This Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, celebrates beautiful Diyas or candles, dazzling lights, delicacies, and cookies! While the fashion factor is a major factor this Diwali, it is important to dress safely and discreetly while bursting crackers! Maybe you’ve cut down on glamorous outfits to wear this Diwali – it could be a stylish Anarkali, sequined saree, or a shiny lehenga! But have you ever thought about what you would wear if you burst crackers and lit a colored skyrocket?

If you want to know how to safely celebrate Diwali with your family and loved ones by wearing it properly, then in this post we have included some tips in the context of clothing. Use this guide to dress up safely this Diwali.

Say No To Synthetic Fibers

The Festival is a time to bring back that heavy lehenga, sari, and Anarkali. Georgette, chiffon, satin, and silk are the most modern fabrics that everyone loves to wear to festivals, but such fibers are more susceptible to fire. Therefore, it is always wise to make the smartest choice in choosing what clothes to wear in the event of a fire. Choose cotton or cotton-silk. A matching jacket with colorful leggings or churidars is an excellent choice to add sparkle to elegance. You can also order these kinds of dresses as the best Diwali gift for girlfriend.

Say No To Loose Clothes

While flowing floor-length suits are in a trend this season, it’s best to avoid them when dealing with fireworks. The delicate tissues of your Anarkali or lehenga are easy targets for inflammation and damage. It is best to wear normal or tight clothing to prevent clothing from burning. From chunky Ghagra and flared skirts to gorgeous denim or churidars. It’s so much easier to wear well-fitting and comfortable clothes than wearing your designer lehenga while lighting flower pots and Diwali bombs.

Drop Everything That Hangs

If there is a Dupatta with a lehenga or stole with a suit, it is very important to ask your child to remove it when lighting up Diyas or when making a puja. And it would be better to choose a dress that does not have to incorporate these items.

Wear Accessories Safely

Celebrations are not complete without jingling bracelets and tingling in the ankles. However, it is important to remove them when setting off fireworks, whether they are made of glass or metal. Because they can heat up and crack easily, this can cause discomfort and pain.

Use Bandhani

Bandhani is an extraordinary dyeing situation and the most commonly worn fabric in north India. This can also be used as unique Diwali gifts for your loved ones. The light and elegant saree or Anarkali are perfect for this festival.

Clothes For Kids

Children tend to run around for joy and enjoyment while bursting crackers. Make sure your kids are wearing soft cotton clothes, not party clothes when the crackers are cracked. Make sure your children are wearing comfortable cotton clothing and that their ears are protected with earplugs or cotton swabs.

Now that you’ve chosen the fabric you’d like to wear for the upcoming festival, it’s time to visit the offline or online clothing store to browse the wide range of modern collections where you can purchase your preferred fabric.

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