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What Is the Difference Between Plenum and Riser Cable?



What Is the Difference Between Plenum and Riser Cable

Are you looking to buy the next ethernet cables but unable to differentiate between the plenum and the riser cables? Or you are a novice and can’t decide whether Cat6 Plenum is better for you or Cat6 Riser? You need not worry as we have got you covered.

Before going into the difference, let’s first know what plenum and riser cables are. 

What Is Plenum Cable?

A cable bearing a CMP mark on the outer surface of its jacket is characterized as a plenum cable. In case you are wondering, let us tell you that CMP stands for Communications Multipurpose Cable, Plenum, and it is the highest rating for jacket material for ethernet cables. These cables are meant for installation in the plenum spaces of the buildings. Plenum spaces are empty spaces between the ceilings or the floors of the buildings. These spaces are meant to facilitate air circulation for air conditioning and heating systems. These spaces are at greater risk of fire eruption, and this is where a plenum-rated comes in handy. 


The plenum cables are manufactured using supreme quality polyvinyl chloride. In case of fire eruption, these cables halt fire progression because of their fire-retardant properties. Also, when exposed to fire, these cables emit no smoke or dangerous gases. Because of the thick jacket, these cables provide top-notch protection against alien crosstalk, near-end crosstalk, and electromagnetic interference thus, keeping the integrity of your data intact. These cables are also UV resistant. The following types of plenum cables are available in the market right now: Cat5e Plenum, Cat6 Plenum, and Cat6a Plenum.

These cables, too, meet all types of industry standards, including FCC, CE, CSE, ISO/IES, and are in compliance with RoHS and TIA/EIA. 

What is Riser Cable?

A riser ethernet cable is identified by the CMR market printed on the outer surface of its jacket – CMR here stands for Communications Multipurpose Cable, Riser. The CMR-rated ethernet cables are also made using fine-quality polyvinyl chloride. As their name suggests, these cables are meant for installation in the riser or vertical spaces of the buildings.

Riser-rated cables also have fire retardant properties, and they too halt fire progression just like their plenum counterparts. When it comes to protection against electromagnetic interference, near-end crosstalk, and alien crosstalk, riser-rated have excellent protection against them. They, too, keep the integrity of your data intact. You can find the following types of riser cables in the market: Cat5e Riser, Cat6 Riser, and Cat6a Riser

These cables, too, meet all types of industry standards, including FCC, CE, CSE, ISO/IES, and are in compliance with RoHS and TIA/EIA. 

Difference Between Plenum & Riser Cables

  1. Jacket Material: The main difference between the riser and plenum ethernet cables is that of jacket material. Plenum cables enjoy CMP ratings. It is the highest rating when it comes to ethernet jackets. These cables are made from the best quality polyvinyl chloride. Riser cables come with CMR ratings, and it is the second-best jacket ratings in the ethernet cable industry. Although riser-rated jackets are also made from good quality polyvinyl chloride, the same is not as fine as it is in CMP-rated cables. 
  2. Irreplaceable: You can use plenum cables as a replacement for riser cables for installation in the riser spaces. However, you can’t use riser ethernet cables as a replacement for plenum cables. 


As far as specifications are concerned, like data transfer rates and bandwidth capacities, both riser and plenum ethernet cables share the same properties. For instance, a Cat6 riser cable will have the same data transfer speed and bandwidth capacities as are possessed by the Cat6 plenum. 

Terms to Know when Choosing Plenum Vs Riser Cabling

When shopping for plenum or riser rated cables, here’s a quick rundown of acronyms and other words to be aware of:

Cables with the letters CL, CM, and CMG. Residential-grade or general-purpose cabling is referred to as this. In Riser Or Plenum Environments, It Is Not Suitable For Commercial Use.

CMR Cables are a type of cable. Communications Riser. Approved for use in stairwells.

CMP Cables are a type of cable used to connect Plenum on Communications Approved for use in plenums and risers.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing fires. The National Electrical Code was produced by this body.

NEC. The National Electrical Code (NEC) is a set of rules (NFPA 70). This guide is intended to establish a standard for electrical safety in residential, commercial, and industrial structures.

Plenum (CMP) Rated Cable VS Riser (CMR) Rated Cable

Plenum-rated cables are utilized in plenum spaces in business and residential buildings. These plenum spaces are found between the ceiling and the floor above it (drop ceiling), and they serve as conduits for heated/cooled or return airflows.

Plenum cables have a higher fire rating and are built with a low-smoke PVC or a fluorinated ethylene polymer fire-retardant plastic jacket (FEP).

In non-plenum regions, riser-rated wires run between floors through cable risers or elevator shafts. In a vertical burn test, these cables must also self-extinguish and prevent the flame from moving up the cable.

Riser cables are not subject to the same fire regulations as plenum cables. As a result, plenum cables can replace riser cables in plenum spaces, whereas riser cables cannot replace plenum cables.

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Technical Error

How to Fix ‘No Battery Is Detected’ on Your Laptop



Untitled design 2022 10 06T122618.179

One of the most important components of the computer is the battery, which enables us to take our technology with us and work wherever we wish. Don’t freak out if you encounter the “no battery is detected” problem. Getting one of these error alerts from your laptop doesn’t necessarily imply you need to buy a new laptop or a replacement battery. There are a number of potential fixes for this laptop issue.

How No Battery Present Errors Appear

Battery problem messages can show up as warning warnings in the middle of the screen or as small text alerts along the taskbar at the bottom of the screen close to the battery indicator, depending on your version of Windows.

Here are a few instances of battery-related issues that may occur:

No battery is detected.

Battery #1: Not present.

Consider replacing your battery.

The battery is not detected.

No battery present.

Cause of No Battery Detected Error Messages

Error messages about the laptop battery not being detected are typically brought on by overheating, physical damage to the battery or other laptop hardware, or outdated drivers or other software.

How to Fix Battery Not Detected Errors

While the reason for laptop battery problems may be a mystery, there are a variety of techniques to identify the issue and resolve it.

Connect your laptop. Before you start freaking out, try plugging in the laptop and connecting it to a power source to see if the battery is simply flat. Try turning it on after at least 15 minutes have passed.

Don’t stress about charging your battery too much. When fully charged, the majority of modern batteries contain automatic shutoff features.

Restart your laptop.

Restarting your Windows laptop or desktop computer should be one of the first steps you take when experiencing virtually any issue, including a battery not detected error.

 Give your laptop room to cool.

The battery in your laptop may be overheating if it has been exposed to the sun or if you have been using it while in bed. Try using it on a hard surface after letting it cool off so that the underside can breathe.

To enhance the cooling effect, you might also wish to clean any vents that may be clogged with dust or grime.

Update Windows.

Regardless of whether you are using Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, it is always crucial to maintain the operating system updated to keep both the hardware and the software functioning properly. Your laptop can be scanned for problems, including the no battery detected one, and fixed with a Windows update.

Click Settings, Update & Security, Troubleshoot, and Power. Run the troubleshooter to check your Windows laptop for problems specifically connected to a missing laptop battery.

Check the battery status.

Click Batteries in the Device Manager, then right-click the laptop battery and choose Properties. Your battery is fine if you see messages showing that your gadget is functioning normally, and the no battery detected bug is probably brought on by something else. Your battery might need to be replaced if you don’t see this message since it may be damaged.

Update the battery’s device drivers.

Launch Device Manager, choose Batteries > Your laptop’s battery name > Driver > Update Driver > Search automatically for new driver software, and then press Finish.

After installing any new drivers, restart your Windows laptop to ensure that they are fully installed and operating correctly.

Removing the battery and restarting your laptop. Perform a complete shutdown, detach all of the cables and power sources, physically remove the battery, press the power button for at least 15 seconds, put the battery back in, re-plug in the charging wire, and then turn on your laptop as usual if it believes there is no battery present. Select Start Windows Normally from the startup prompt if one appears.

Customers cannot remove the batteries from some Windows laptops, such as those in Microsoft’s Surface line of products, and doing so may void your warranty.

Remove the battery and perform a power cycle. Go to Device Manager, choose Batteries, then right-click the names of your battery and the Microsoft AC Adapter. From the menu that appears, choose Uninstall device for each. After completing this, restart your laptop.

Reset the BIOS defaults.

Start your Windows laptop, then go to BIOS Setup. After choosing Restore Defaults, save your work, log out, and restart your laptop as usual.

Depending on the manufacturer and BIOS version, the option may also be known as Setup Defaults or Reload Defaults, but its purpose remains the same.

Use HP Support Assistant.

An application named HP Support Assistant should come pre-installed on any laptop you possess if it was produced by HP. To test the battery, launch HP Support Assistant and choose Troubleshoot. This test may be able to pinpoint precisely why your battery isn’t being identified and provide you tailored solutions.

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DIY Electric Bike Kits and How They Work



Electric Bike

You have probably seen by now some of the electrically assisted bicycles that are becoming more common around town. People who like to cycle to work to save money and indeed help to save the environment are fast becoming attracted to the use of the best bike for arthritic knees. Electric bicycles are increasingly available these days in cycle shops and even the larger more general stores, however, making your very own bicycle into an electric one is an environmentally friendly option and is now made easier with DIY electric bike kits. Why pay out several hundred or even thousands of dollars for a new electric bike when you can convert almost any bike into an electric-assisted one.

These days there are various DIY electric bike conversion kits and packs available. Having that extra power boost from an electric motor can give you the additional pedal power when you come up against those steep hills you hate so much or when you are having to fight against the wind and hard rain as is so often the case in winter. Converting your bike using one of these electric bike conversion kits is great fun and very rewarding when finished. These bike kits to convert your standard everyday bicycle are straightforward to install and do not need you to have much technical skill or tools. They are a lot less hard to do than your normal DIY flat pack computer desk or cupboard to assemble.

Best electric bikes Denver offer people who are not in top physical shape the option of getting outside and riding a bike. In some phases of your life, your health may have taken a turn for the worse. While you recover, exercise may be difficult, making it harder to enjoy activities that once seemed so simple. Now, there is no need to despair. Electric bicycles offer you the confidence to bike with a motor that assists your pedaling, so you don’t have to worry about not being fit enough to complete the ride!

There are a few slight variations on the kits depending on which manufacturer you go with. For many of the kits, the only things that you need to do are take off the front wheel, put on the new front wheel with hub, and fit a switch and the power supply which is a battery pack. The battery pack is rechargeable and can usually be put in the front basket or behind the saddle with some kits the motor is fixed to the back wheel and the battery packs are put on top of the back wheel similar to how saddle bags sometimes are.

So these conversion kits certainly are a good invention and could save you a lot of money instead of buying a brand new bike completely and ready-made with electric power. So whether you need a bit of help with pedaling up those hills or maybe you want an environmentally friendly option to commute to work instead of using the car, an electric bike and especially a DIY electric bike kit might be ideal for you.

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What Technical Issues can be Solved at a Phone Repair Store?



Phone Repair Store

There are minor issues like battery changing, software updating, factory restoration, and cleaning the device with a liquid cleaner that mobile users can fix because they do not require any technical education. But the issues that will be discussed in this article can be solved by technicians at a proper phone repair store.

Phone Repair Store Solving Technical and Mechanical Issues

A great way of knowing which mechanical and technical issues the stores are offering that you require is to visit the service or repair page on the website. You need to confirm if the repair shop provides the repair services you want. Generally, the repair stores solve the following issues.

The Device Screen is Ruined

The broken screen of different devices is the most common issue that the repair stores’ mechanics have handled. The clients explained that they dropped their laptops, cell phones, tablets, computer screens, and Apple Watches, which caused the screen damage. The screens can crack from one side or are broken altogether.

Electronic Gadgets have Difficulty Charging

The repair technicians will look for three reasons for the device’s difficulty charging.

1.       There is an issue with the gadgets’ charge.

2.       Debris and dirt are stuck in the charging port, or the metal flap is bent.

3.       The electronic connection inside the device is faulty and busted.

Phone Wrecked By Water Damage

The second most common problem that technicians have to solve is that clients drop their devices in the water. If this scenario happens, the best resort is to take your Apple phone for repair in Columbia, Kentucky. The mechanics have the right tools to retrieve the phone from water damage.

Cell Phone Mechanics in Columbia Kentucky Fixing Mobile Heating up

The mobile repair technicians at stores like Gadget Defenders look into the following reasons; so that they can use the right methods to solve the issue;

1.       The device is internally damaged.

2.       There is the presence of a bug or Malware.

3.       The cell phone is not properly charging.

4.       The mobile camera has been used for a long.

5.       Screen brightness is high.

6.       Playing games with high graphics.

7.       Using the devices non-stop.

Reason for Quick Battery Exhaustion

Sometimes, the mobile users have many apps open in the background that they forgot to close. Closing these apps can solve the issue of quick battery exhaustion. If the issues are not resolved, there is an issue with either the charger or the mobile.

Trouble Shooting Mobile Operations

The mobile may often stop working when operating, or the functions don’t work. This can happen because memory is running out of RAM; there can be Malware or bug in the device.

Installed Applications are Unable to Function

The mobile users might experience that the installed apps have stopped working. There can be two reasons for applications being unable to function; these include the apps that are not up to date and have to be updated from the application store, and the device software is outdated.

Electronic Gadget Giving Delayed Responses

When the mobile is being used for a longer time, the devices heat up, and this causes delayed functional responses. The best thing to do is let the gadget cool down and take it to a repair shop.

Recovering Saved Data is Difficult

Many times, you cannot recover the data saved on your backup file. You might have forgotten the password, or the application is not working. The repair stores have special software to recover the data.

Technicians can solve these technical and mechanical issues at a phone repair store.

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