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How To Buy The Perfect Living Room Rug?

Perfect Living Room Rug

Something that doesn’t seem like a worrying matter can utterly transform the outlook of your home’s interior. Finding the perfect rug for the living room is not an easy task. Just when you thought you have found the perfect color of the rug that fits the ambient, the size is wrong, and vice versa! Not only are there so many rugs to choose from, but there are rugs that come in numerous sizes, shapes, and patterns. So how do I know what rug to choose?

There’s no need to be desperate because the help lies in this article. If you find yourself jammed and oblivious, this guide will help you pick out the right rug that will suit all your (and your living room’s) needs. From the size, material, design, and many other aspects, here are all the things you need to consider when you are about to buy a new rug for your living room.

Pick out the right size

Choosing the right size rug for your living room should be based on your lifestyle and on the style you wish to create. Each rug size exudes a different and invigorating vibe and can create an utterly versatile look to a room. For instance, you could get a seemingly small rug to fit the center of the room, but then alternatively get a larger rug to create a welcoming atmosphere. Hence, it all falls to your needs and preferences. However, whether you want to choose a big or small rug, there are a few guidelines that will help you decide. The first and most important thing is to measure your room, especially if you are redecorating. Get a foot tape measure and measure the width of the room, the sofa, coffee tables, walkway, or anything else you wish for the rug to cover. If you want to get a giant rug that will cover the entire floor, you must adequately measure it. However, if you wish to use a smaller rug and keep the walkway open, then just measure the space between, etc. Measuring the space will give you a head start when you finally decide which rug to buy.

Consider finding the best fiber and material for the living room rug

One of the key points of having the perfect living room rug is the fiber and material. When choosing the fiber and material, you need to consider whether you would need a rug for high-traffic or low-traffic areas. If you are looking to buy quality floor rugs for the living room where kids and grown-ups roam around frequently, then go for a natural and rustic jute rug. Single floor rugs come in natural shades and they are resistant to wear and staining, easy to maintain, and clean, plus they are not so expensive which means you can replace them after a few years for something more cosmopolitan.

Synthetic vs Natural rug fibers

Besides looking into the practicality and usefulness of the living room rug, you need to choose the perfect rug that will deliver aesthetics and grace to the room. Synthetic rug fibers like polyester and polypropylene are man-made fibers that are easy to maintain and resistant to fading. The fiber dries out quickly, so any water-based stains would easily get washed off. However, the fiber tends to be flammable, and it’s not a smart option to put it near the fireplace. Moreover, all synthetic fibers look chic and exquisite so it’s easy to blend them with most furniture. On the other hand, rugs with natural fibers like wool, jute, sisal, and similar are durable, warm, cozy, and flame resistant. You would need to pay attention to acid spills such as juice and wine, and allergens. There are people allergic to wool and this expensive rug material is prone to shedding as well, so it may not be perfect for homeowners prone to allergies.

Think about the practicality and use 

It’s of utmost importance to figure out what exactly you are trying to get and do with the rug. In order to find the best rug for the living room, you must think about the practicalities and usage. Firstly, you should determine the purpose of your lining room rug. Do you want it to merely blend with the room, or are you using it to unify the area? Do you want a warm underfoot or a sleek addition to the room? Will it be located under the furniture, or do you wish to place it in front of the sofa? Once you figure out the use of the rug, you will be able to select the perfect one. Maybe you would need to add more carpets to unify the room, or maybe a single warm shaggy rug would be more suitable for the ambient as it adequately matches the style. When choosing to buy the perfect living room rug it all falls down to balance. This means that you want the rug to be centralized, and/or have equal space between the empty area. Plus, you need to balance out the rug with the furniture, style, walls, and your personality.

Look into the shape and position

If you aim to unify the living room with a rug, you must have all the furniture perfectly sit on the top of the rug. This means only the front legs of the sofa, for instance, should be under the rug. If you want to go for something even larger, still make sure that you leave around four inches of bare floor around the edges of the room. This rule only applies if you choose the rectangular shape. This shape is perfect for any layout, even for big and small living rooms. If you are thinking about adding the rug as a statement decorative piece, then make sure the rug is longer in length than the sofa so it would accentuate the ambient. Circular-shaped rugs are ideal for that. Circular rugs are fanciful and elegant, and they don’t overwhelm the room that much, but rather define the living room space and make it more open and wide. When choosing a circular, rectangular, or cubic rug measure the room first. If your option is the circular rug, the most important piece of advice is to have the furniture legs outside of the rug.

Don’t neglect the household and your lifestyle

Rugs tend to wear out with time. No matter who lives in your household, the rug is bound to be subjected to various “mishaps” from all family members and visitors. If you have selected the rug with the most durable material, you are safe for quite some time, however, if you have opted for a more sophisticated material you are in slight trouble. To reduce the look of wear of your living room rug, you need to choose the best rug for the household and your lifestyle. Aim to get the one that is easy to vacuum and clean. If spills, stains, and spots happen to occur, do your best to resort to cleaning asap. Also, if you have a pet or two, go for darker patterned rugs or easy-to-maintain rug material. Those are flat-weave or low-pile rugs that are of fewer depths for dirt, germs, and food to hide.

Muse upon textures and thickness

Many world-inspired rugs are maximally sleek and dazzling, but that doesn’t mean they are adaptable to your living rug. You can go for a Moroccan-style rug, but if the rug is too plush, it will not fit the ambient that well. This is why textures and thickness must be taken into consideration. You might love the purple shaggy-haired rug or the decadent thick white plush rug, but they are hard to maintain and better suited for floors with less foot traffic. Most thick sheepskin rugs are gorgeous and can open up the room, but they tend to be slippery. Don’t overlook the thickness, and look for area rugs that will deliver all your needs, both financially and aesthetically. Nowadays many affordable, lightweight, flat-weave rugs look quite stunning, and then there are some hand-crafted and hand-knotted rugs that bring finesse to the room, but they are not always functional.  

Take your personal style into account

Once you’ve got all the end finishes to take care of, you need to think about your style. You cannot get a patterned colorful rug if you love plain, earthy colors. Consequently, you should choose a sleek velvet rug if you are more into vintage style. If you are redecorating the entire living room, then it would be a smart idea to choose the rugs first. When you have found the rug that perfectly fits your style, everything else will fall into place around it. It would be much easier to build around the rug, than then another way around. With a perfect living room rug that adequately mimics your style, choosing the decorative amenities around would be plain sailing. If you are not redecorating, then you need to think of your style and the design of the rug. Look into the style of your furniture and slightly contrast the outlook of the rug. Don’t go for the exact style match. The timidly patterned rug will blend nicely with the minimalist furniture style, for example. If you wish to place a vividly patterned rug, match accent colors in the rug to the surrounding like drapes or cushions to make the rug fit into the living room’s décor.

Any living room can be altered and fantastically revived with a perfect rug. All it takes is the meticulous selection and good measurement for the perfect rug to upscale the look and value of your home.

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