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Digital Marketing

How To Create A Video Marketing Funnel To Improve Your Sales?

Video Marketing Funnel To Improve Your Sales

Marketing is the key to increase your sales, In the UK 86% of the businesses use video marketing for their digital marketing activities.

Businesses have also benefit quality leads from these video marketing activities, which makes videos a perfect tool to market your brand.

American businesses were noted to spend an astonishing 137 Billion USD on video marketing services, this proves video marketing is continued to grow businesses, as more businesses are willing to spend on video marketing practices.

The traditional marketing techniques such as newspapers, stickers, articles, posters and television ads have grown old. These traditional marketing techniques have been replaced by digital marketing platforms such as social media and search engine.

A research in 2020 proved that on average a person spent 2 hours 25 minutes on social media on daily basis. Over 3.6 billion users on social media were noted al around the world, this makes social media a very good platform to market your brand.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, wats app are very popular, video marketing can also be used on websites and on search engines marketing.

Videos are best tools to market business on social media and search engine platform, Explainer Video Production companies are growing highly popular. As many business are connecting to explainer video production company for their explainer video production activities.

Videos have proven to perform well on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Facebook is the largest social media platform with 2.9 billion active users and a video consumption 4 billion views daily.

These stats and factors make explainer videos a clear winner over other marketing channels, let’s have a glance at how can we build a perfect explainer video for our marketing to have a good sales funnel for your business.

Video Marketing Funnel

Explainer videos are the best content to market your business on the internet and social media, videos have proven to have higher engagements and more reach on all internet platforms, wide range of businesses from UK and USA use video marketing to support their sales funnel.

Well videos have proven to reap more conversion rates flooding the sales funnel with quality leads, eventually benefiting the business, 76% of video marketers have noticed a better conversion rate and a increase in traffic to website of 80%, leading to more conversions through website traffic.

Market Strategically

Explainer videos are a good option to market on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Each social media platform has its marketing criteria, choosing the correct social media platform can be a benefit to your marketing sales funnel.

Paid campaigns can be run on all social media platforms to gain more audience reach and spread brand awareness.

Target theAudience

The new marketing platforms of social media and google search engine are very efficient marketing tools.

You can now select the budget, location and the audience which you want to target. On basis of location you can specify the audience in a particular location which can view your video.

More specific targeting can be done by choosing the target audience and thus boost your chances of gaining quality leads at lower marketing expenditure.

Analyse the performance

While you run paid targeted campaigns, it’s always good to analyse the performance of your video marketing campaign.

Proper analysis can help determine the quality of your leads you get in your marketing funnel get going in the correct direction.

Analysis of your marketing performance can help you frame better marketing strategies for your marketing and sales funnel for future success.

Explainer Videos For Marketing

Explainer video services are the best video product services you can acquire for your video marketing campaigns.

Animated explainer videos and Isometric explainer videos are most popular video types of explainer videos as both animated videos and isometric explainer videos have a higher conversion late.

Explainer Mojo is the leading explainer video production video company in the UK, USA and across Europe.

Explainer Mojo provide all explainer video services under one roof, many businesses have benefit with the explainer videos which are created by Explainer Mojo.

Explainer Mojo provides you with customised plans at very competitive prices and premium services, so feel free to connect with Explainer Mojo to boost your marketing and sales funnel with a Explainer Video.

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