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Digital Marketing

How to Get a Good Domain Authority Score?

Good Domain Authority Score

Every brand is trying to outrank one another on the search engine results page. As SEO and web developers try to figure out the search engine algorithms, there’s one metric that makes them measure the success of their efforts. It is the Domain Authority score.

The Domain Authority score measures the relevance and quality of the website according to the search engine’s perspective. DA score ranges from 1 to 100, and a healthy score is between 50 to 60.

But, how do you really get a good Domain Authority score? We have prepared a list of tips you can do, from the early stages of website development to its ongoing maintenance. Take everything you can among these tips to increase your domain authority score.

  1. Create a Memorable Domain Name. When creating a website for business, you have to choose a memorable domain name. It should be relevant and related to your company name to make it easier for your target audience to remember. The clearer, the better.
  2. Optimize on-page content. Content is a crucial feature in web development. It does not only affect your SEO rank but also your DA score. Ensure that your website has relevant and optimized content to grab the interest and attention of your audiences.
  3. Remove bad links. You should do a website audit regularly to determine the status of your backlinks. Bad links bring damage to your domain authority score, as it implies you are linking an untrusted source to your content. 
  4. Make the website mobile-friendly. You have to remember that most consumers are now on their phones, almost every hour of every day. So if your website is not mobile-friendly, they would not visit again. Moreover, it may lead to high bounce rates.

It is not healthy for a website to have a high click-through rate and a high bounce rate. It will badly affect your mobile search engine rankings. Moreover, imagine the number of potential customers you will lose because your website does not work properly on their mobiles.

  1. Fast website loading speed. Aside from the usability and accessibility of your website, its loading speed makes or breaks its success. The ideal loading speed of a website is not more than 3 seconds. A slow loading speed has a horrible effect on your SEO rankings.
  2. Create an impact within the industry.  Having an influence within the industry is something you should constantly work on. Boosting your reputation as an authority helps strengthen your brand identity. It helps increase traffic and the number of external links. That’s why it is relevant to create relevant and engaging content.
  3. Social media marketing. Although social media does not have any relation with the DA score. Its social signals can be a factor in improving your score. That’s why to use social media to share your content. 

If your Domain Authority score struggles below 40, it’s time to apply these tips. Meanwhile, if your website sits between 50 to 60, nothing is wrong if you want to aim for an excellent score. So, go over 60!

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