Industrial marketing

Marketing has played an important role over time, helping companies, among other things, to increase their sales. Industrial marketing is the communications and sales that focus on offering goods and services to other companies instead of individual customers.

If we want our potential customers to be able to talk to a salesperson, they must be provided with what they want upfront. That is, quality and detailed content must be created on the website.

For these clients to be more active and consequently to make your company grow, it is important to consider the 3 keys that we present below for industrial marketing.

Video Marketing

One of the website’s objectives is to involve industrial clients in its content and functionalities. But content marketing is not only based on writing and writing but also can use creative videos since both consumers and B2B customers are in various social networks where this can be done.

That is, instead of making or creating a standard “About Us” page with all the information about your company’s history, reviews, or explicit content with which you help your customers perceive your company, you should consider diversifying your content with videos.

Do not focus only on writing paragraphs of text or posting images. Editing videos can also effectively promote your brand. Marketing does not have to be just a matter of writing.

Product Catalog

When customers search for the products they are interested in, they always want to do it as quickly as possible, so the website must have an interactive catalog of products. When the catalog is published on the Internet, the possibility of being found by potential customers is increased. It also allows you to prioritize and classify all the information in detail about the products, which makes it more effective.

When a buyer visits the website, they do so to find exact information about the product they will buy. Therefore, with a detailed product catalog, product manufacturers can provide specific information about all of them and their variations and facilitate navigation for users, being able to filter quickly and efficiently towards what they are looking for.

In addition, it can streamline the customer’s purchase process by integrating e-commerce for direct online purchases.

SEO Positioning

SEO positioning is sometimes not considered for industrial companies, but the truth is that it is very important, and we must remember it. Detailed product information is good for search engines, as users are more likely to find the website for specific search terms.

Providing the information that users are looking for on your quality website, and facilitating the selection and specification of products, is satisfactory for them.

Therefore, creating a content-based web page allows manufacturers to take advantage of opportunities to obtain a high ranking in the Google search engine and other search engines.

It is one of the laws for the generation of leads that specialists in industrial marketing must take into account to differentiate your company and help it truly grow.

By Michael Caine

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