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Learn How to Read the Quran



Learn How to Read the Quran

Muslims believe that God’s ultimate holy scripture, the Quran, was given to Muhammad, God’s final Prophet, roughly 1400 years ago. Because it has not been modified or twisted in the last 1400 years, the Quran is a timeless wonder of this Prophet of God. According to the Quran alone, God has shielded it from any tampering. 1 It is a wonder of fluency and elegance because it is the very word of God. For Muslims, learning to read & memorize the Quran is essential, as it includes the rules and laws of Islam and a wealth of wisdom, stories, parables, and words of encouragement for Muslims and cautions for non-Muslims. According to the Prophet Muhammad and his family’s narrations, there are numerous advantages and rewards to studying the Quran in its native Arabic. This is the language in which it was first revealed. Therefore it makes sense. Reading the Quran through studying its text is also a good idea. Another reason to memorize the Quran is that Muslims must recite a certain number of verses from the Quran each day during their daily prayers.

Guidance for Muslim adults on how to read the Quran

The Quran can be difficult to study for some Muslims; therefore, they look for ways to make it easier for them to read the Quran for adults

  • The Road to Success Leads Through the Qur’an
  • The Key to Success Is to Become More Specific in Your Purpose.
  • Invoking the Strength of Your Creator.
  • Life is just a stepping stone to the next.

How to Learn Quran?

With the help of a Master Sheikh,

Muhammad PBUH received the revelation from Angel Jibreel, whom Allah SWT sent. As a result, when learning the Qur’an, it is highly advised that you first listen to it being read aloud by an expert before reading it out in front of them so that they can correct your faults. Without an instructor or mentor to help you enhance your reciting, you won’t be fluent in the Quran. Using audios is a great way to improve your skills, but it does not guarantee that you will correctly understand all of the points of pronunciation and other Tajweed regulations. A severe mistake, such as replacing one vowel and memorizing it that way, is also possible. If you don’t repeat your attempt, it will be impossible to fix it later.

Tutoring from a Quranic Scholar on Tajweed

As previously noted, numerous advantages can be gained from studying the Quran with a professional tutor. A competent Quran instructor will guide you through the Tajweed guidelines to read the Quran properly in Arabic. For example, even if you’re not Arab, you can practise Arabic letter pronunciation by learning the proper articulation places and mannerisms for each letter. You’ll also be able to improve your recitation skills by becoming familiar with the laws of non-voweled Noon, non-voweled Meem, or extending varieties of recitation called “Mudood.” You’ll be able to recite the Quran correctly if you’re familiar with the signals of pauses or stops in the Quran. For example, if you stop your recital in the wrong spot, the meaning can be completely altered.

The Quran should be studied and practised daily.

If your recital skill level is intermediate, choose an appropriate number of Ayat, listen to them all at once, then stop and repeat just after Sheikh keeping your eyes closed in the Mushaf. You can choose how many times you want to replay a video on some sites. Listening helps you learn and improve your overall listening skills. You’ll also be doing good actions by listening to the Quran, a form of prayer.

Make an effort to comprehend the meaning.

You’ll need someone to provide you with an explanation of the Quran’s meanings. You can select the translation that best suits your needs. Make sure to seek out the advice of qualified Quran experts whenever you uncover an interpretation in the Quran that you are unsure of.


As the saying goes, “there’s no gain without suffering,” and this life is constructed on the principle that you must work hard to achieve success. Taking time to study the Quran is among the noblest aims that one can strive towards. If you’re not Arab or don’t know Arabic, don’t be fooled into thinking you can learn Quran recitation in a week or even a month. If you follow the advice in the preceding paragraphs, you will undoubtedly see progress.

Author Bio

Muhammad Junaid is a senior Analyst and Search Engine Expert. Extensive experience being a lead writer in Quran for Kids. Work for years with local and international enterprises. Also, represent well-known brands in the UAE.

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Parenting and Child Care

Must-Have Clothing Pieces for Breastfeeding Moms



Breastfeeding Moms

Breastfeeding is not easy as it seems. New moms usually get surprised with so many challenges there is when they start their breastfeeding journey with their little one. There are plenty of adjustments that need to be done to maintain it – from changes in diet, lifestyle, and even dressing up. Nursing clothes are designed differently from regular clothes. It is made to give easy access to your baby during feeding sessions, allowing you to nurse easily and more conveniently anytime and anywhere you are.

Here are some of the must-have clothing pieces especially when you’re still starting up your breastfeeding journey, plus a few hacks to make things easier. 

Nursing Tops

Nursing tops are one of the basics in every breastfeeding wardrobe. You can wear it regularly, even when going out to do some daily errands. Nursing tops have built-in panels that can be easily slipped to provide easy access when you need to feed your little one. Because of those panels, everything else is covered, making you feel more comfortable even when nursing in public. If you don’t have nursing tops yet, button-down tops and off-shoulders can work as a perfect alternative for breastfeeding clothes

Nursing Bra

If you’re planning to breastfeed for a long time, it is important to invest in a couple of nursing bras. It is designed to provide adequate support without putting too much pressure on the breast. Aside from that, nursing bras also have a clip down design so you could simply fold down the section needed when nursing without affecting the whole bra. Some bras are also designed to make pumping a lot easier and convenient. 

Nursing Tank Top

Double top style is a useful hack for breastfeeding moms. Nursing tank tops are perfect for this style. They have clip down design, making it easier to give your little one access to the important parts. Wear a fit nursing tank top under a loose fit top. When feeding, you just need to lift the outer layer and clip down the nursing tank top and you could feed your baby without exposing anything. You are fully covered, from front to back, giving you more privacy when feeding in public.

Breastfeeding Cover

Not everyone is comfortable breastfeeding in public. If you’re one of those, you need a good nursing cover to give you that privacy you need. These days, nursing covers are designed to be worn as a stylish accessory, such as a scarf or poncho. It makes it more convenient for moms since they don’t need to carry around a huge piece of cloth when going out. 

They could wear it as a scarf over any outfit they wear. You can nurse comfortably in public without worrying about exposing your body. Choose one that is made from soft and light fabric so it won’t be sweltering hot inside for your little one. 

Start with these nursing clothing basics and see how it changes your breastfeeding experience into something more convenient. 

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5 Reasons to Learn Online In 2021



5 Reasons to Learn Online In 2021

The possibility of standard guidance has changed radically inside the latest few years. Being genuinely present in a review lobby isn’t the primary learning elective any more drawn out not with the rising of the web and new progressions, at any rate. Nowadays, you approach quality guidance whenever and any spot you need, as long as you can get on the web. We are as of now entering some other time the change of online guidance. There’s no convincing motivation to restrict the wariness enveloping guidance through the web.

It’s hard to understand leaving behind the standard homeroom, especially on the off chance that it’s to defy this colossal space called The Internet. Regardless, that isn’t reason enough to keep away from this other alternative, which has exhibited to be considerable and supportive for certain understudies.

As shown by the most recent review from Babson Survey Research Group, over 30% of high level training understudies in the United States are taking something like one distance course. Internet tutoring is a sensible choice whether you’re a youngster or an adult. As an understudy, this can be a significant getting procedure for sharpening your capacities in a problematic subject, or dominating another mastery. Keep on scrutinizing to learn five extra motivations behind why you should participate in web-based guidance! 

It Offers A Wide Choice Of Projects: 

In a space as colossal and wide as the web, there are unlimited capacities and subjects to teach and learn. A creating number of universities and high level training schools are presenting on the web types of their ventures for various levels and instructs. From music combination to quantum actual science, there are opportunities for each kind of understudy. Focusing on your program online is similarly a fantastic option for getting a position validation, acknowledgment, or degree without genuinely going to a school grounds. 

You may also like to learn Pashto.

Roused Self-Student: 

Distance understudies need to stay motivated to complete their web-based course, figuring out some approach to best organize their learning plan. While this kind of adapting likely will not be planned for everyone, it answers the particular necessities of understudies who need to get most outrageous suitability out of their examinations. Longing on the web understudies push ahead to the test participating in more than 2-multi step by step hours learning and understudy affiliation or taking extra assignments. 

It’s More Financially Savvy Than Conventional Instruction: 

Unlike in-person preparing methods, web based tutoring will overall be more moderate. There’s moreover much of the time a wide extent of portion choices that let you pay in segments or per class. This thinks about better spending the board. Enormous quantities of you may moreover be responsible to limits or allows, so the expense is now and again high. You can similarly save cash from the drive and class materials, which are consistently available for nothing. By the day’s end, the monetary endeavor is less, but the results can be better than various decisions. 

Pacing Options: 

Before taking a web-based course, understudies should understand three terms that can describe the web learning experience. The underlying term, strange, insinuates a course that doesn’t hold arranged get-togethers. Understudies absolute work at supportive events yet ought to regardless satisfy task time requirements.

The resulting term, concurrent, portrays something as opposed to unconventional. Like close by courses, synchronous online courses stay aware of set get-together occasions where the teacher trains understudies over Zoom or another video conferencing organization. At last, accelerated insinuates courses that last not exactly around four months. Accelerated courses post comparable educational necessities and end up being brutal for understudies with no external work or family responsibilities. 

Versatile Timetable and Climate: 

By pondering on the web, you pick your own learning environment that ends up being savage for your prerequisites: be it your room, your survey, the bistro across the street, or your neighborhood rec focus, focusing on your teacher’s discussion computerized recording as you run on the treadmill. Isn’t just magnificent? Taking a web-based course moreover infers that you don’t have to head to class, which infers less time spent on the vehicle and more survey time sitting on your parlor seat, the sound of a snapping stack in the background. You by and by don’t have to worry about driving in the snowstorm and missing a critical class.

Author Bio

Muhammad Junaid is a senior Analyst and Search Engine Expert. Extensive experience being a lead writer in Learn Urdu. Work for years with local and international enterprises. Also, represent well-known brands in the UAE.

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Top Effective Ways to Improve English Skills Quickly



Learn english quikcly - the assignment solution

English is the second most spoken language all around the world. If you want to achieve fluency in Language, you will be required to stay consistent and plan your efforts in a systematic way. You can easily improve your  reading, writing, listening and speaking skills — even if no one is around to guide you. All you need is – regular practice, determination, and self-discipline.

Create an English-Speaking Environment

To strengthen your English skills, create an English environment for yourself. Stay with people who are excellent speakers. Try to use tongue  in every possible situation. Make a collection of English movies or series to watch. Bring interesting novels for yourself to read in your free time. Keep English radio on in your house. Listen to English songs and sing them loud to enhance your intonation, pronunciation, and rhythm. You can simultaneously record your voice to listen to the pronunciation of your words and identify the problem areas.

Master Thinking in English

We are fluent in our native language because the speech formation happens instantaneously. We don’t put a lot of thought process and time between various subsequent processes (which subconsciously take place in mind) while speaking. We think in our native language as well after a short while, we have to produce speech. But when it comes to speaking English, our brain goes through the translation process. We think in our native language, translate it into English, and then speak. In the entire process, fluency suffers. Thinking in same language will help you eliminate that extra time used in the translation process and you will efficiently enhance your communication skills.

Use Reliable Learning Resources

Don’t take the help of learning resources which are too difficult or too easy. Use materials which challenge you and promote better learning. Though there are many online tutorials and study material that can help you enhance your English skills, you should always stick to reliable sources. You can check out many  personalized language learning program. This will not only enhance your English skills but also help you tap prosperous career opportunities and stay ahead of the pack. It is designed to improve the English skills of the aspirants and unlock the chances of studying abroad.

Put Your Ideas & Thoughts onto Paper

Writing your ideas onto paper will not only enhance your language skills but also help you become a better writer. Brainstorm your ideas and write them onto paper without taking care of grammar or spelling errors. It will give you clarity about your ideas. Once you achieve clarity, you can think about the structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. Read your final draft or get a professional review done to detect the mistakes.

Always Carry a Dictionary

Using an English dictionary will help you to deal with the difficult words, anytime anywhere. But don’t become too dependent on your dictionary. Always try to guess or assume the meaning of tough words rather than going straight to your dictionary.

Read a Lot in English:  Reading will effectively help you improve your English skills. Newspapers are a good option to start with. Start reading to understand the general meaning first. Don’t worry about learning every word. You can write down the difficult words and keep them for later. You can also pick up a novel of your choice and start reading. This will help you understand the root words and enhance your vocabulary.

Start Conversation in English

Always try to initiate your conversations in English. To keep the conversations going, you can ask questions like – Really?’ ‘What happened then?’ Do not wait for others to speak to you. Once you gain confidence, discuss more topics in groups. Make sure to put your point across and listen actively. Active listening will help you to understand the perceptions of others and contribute more. You can also converse in the same tongue with your friends. It will give you an added motivation and help you overcome your hesitation.

Learn Phrasal Verbs & Idioms

The usage of phrasal verbs and idioms makes the sentences very interesting. There are hundreds of them in English and widely used to add value to the language. Once you start using them in your speech or writing, it will be easy for you to recognize their patterns more easily.

Always keep in mind that it takes longer to enhance your English skills especially when your goals are high as a student, but students who are not efficient in Language they generally need urgent assignment help for all their subjects which are in same language. So try to implement all the given tips to improve your English

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