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Painting Your Home: Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

Painting Your Home

Getting ready to paint your home can be an extremely fun. However, the process can get messy and complicated if not planned and done right. Be it the walls of your interior or exterior, giving it a fresh coat of paint once in a couple of years not only enhances the look by bringing it to life, but also adds a whole new vibe to it.

The greatest advantage to painting your house is the increase in its value due to curbs appeal. Undertaking the job of painting your house is a heavy one and needs to be done with proper care and patience in order to receive the best results. It’s important to conduct a thorough research in order to have an idea ahead of starting the task. Here are some of the things you need to ask yourself and keep in mind when planning to paint your home. 

Keeping the surface ready 

This is one of the first and foremost steps when it comes to prepping your painting process. Keeping your surface ready simply means that you need to ensure your walls are clean and clear of any debris and dirt stuck to them over the years. This helps you give your walls a solid coat of painting that sticks. Alongside the dirt and debris, it’s also important to make sure the walls are level without damages. 

Building up a colour palette 

To start building up your colour palette you need to browse through options that catch your eye and feel just right. Then you can proceed to go paint shopping, which can be a messy task if not pre-planned on the exact colours you want and have in mind. While paint shopping, make sure you buy quality products that are long lasting and worth the money and effort. 

Choosing the right tools

Tools are a key feature when it comes to helping you paint and are therefore items that should be chosen wisely. Be it a paint brush, air spray, paint roller, etc., it all depends on the finishing look you expect and plan to have as well as your ease in handling them while painting. Always keep in mind to buy quality ones in order to have a positive and smooth painting experience. Never rush into buying the tools without understanding and knowing what you would require and what suits you best. 

Select a sunny day

Once you’ve got all of the above settled, your final step would be to select a warm and sunny day rather than a gloomy and rainy one. If you feel any sign of rain coming your way, make sure you avoid taking the risk of painting your house, be it the walls on the inside or outside of your home. Such weather can slow the drying process and even ruin your painting. 

A few other things you need to keep in mind is ensuring your furniture and other items are full covered as well as making sure your first coat is dry before adding a second one! 

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