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Home Improvement

Planning Your Home Renovation? Here Are 10 Guidelines

home renovation

Renovation of a house is more difficult than building a new one. The new apartment design must take into consideration many factors. What should you keep? What should you keep?

It all depends on each case, which means that it will depend on whether minor or major structural changes are required, and not just in terms of style. These guidelines will help you avoid unexpected events and excessive spending.

Masonry work needed

No matter how large or small your apartment is, renovating it should be done with care. Do-it-yourself is not recommended for this type of verification. You should hire a skilled construction professional who can tell you which essential works are required to restore your home to compliance with legal obligations.

The floor

It is an important decision to make when renovating a home. You can change the floor by adding tiles, marble, stoneware resin, resin, or parquet to give your home a new look. Experts can help you evaluate the feasibility of the substrate.

The electrical system

When renovating an apartment, it is crucial to consider the electrical system. Underestimating the importance of this aspect can lead to costly mistakes that are hard to fix. A skilled electrician will need to conduct a preliminary assessment of how the house’s electrical system is performing before starting work. It is best to repair any electrical system that is older than 25-30 years old. Also, the meter should jump constantly, and all switches must be functional.

Assess the heating system

Another rule for renovating a home is to inspect the heating system. This is both for safety and efficiency. It can also be a significant expense in the family’s monthly budget. Evaluate safety and efficiency is the first step. You may just need to maintain it, or you may have to replace the boiler.

Improve lighting

Properly placed lights can make a huge difference in the appearance of a house and improve its liability. For multi-level lighting, it is a good idea to use lamps of different heights. If the walls or furnishings are dark, you can opt for intense lights. To amplify the light, choose a crystal and/or glass chandeliers. It is important to effectively illuminate work areas and study areas with direct lighting. Do not choose just one source of light.

Wall finishes and colors

What color should the walls be? What about natural stone cladding? How To Repair Mobile Home Walls? You don’t have to ask any questions at the last moment. Preparation is required for certain finishes. It would be pointless to paint a wall and then cover it with wood or stones. It would be a waste of time and money.

Harmonious colors and styles

There are few ideas, but they are very clear. The first rule for renovating a house is to choose the style that the new villa or apartment in the country should be. You should choose a style, and perhaps consider that when furnishing each room. Don’t fill up the space with unnecessary items. It is important to choose the right colors without creating a rainbow effect. Avoid using more than three colors in the space. Use light colors for smaller rooms such as the bathroom.

Recycled or eco-friendly furniture

There are two options when it comes to furniture changing: either we can rely on the experience and inspiration of an interior designer, or we can take cues from past projects and revisits and do-it-yourself. It is always good, to be honest with yourself and ask questions about your abilities. Are we able to taste the difference? It is now fashionable to use eco-friendly furnishings. These are made from an environmentally friendly material like wood or by recycling items that have been used but still serve their purpose.

You might also consider reusing furniture found in grandma’s attic, or vintage and modern flea market items. The furniture from the past is not only beautiful and valuable but also large. It is important to understand how to use spaces and make the most of walls. This will allow you to create a light point in your home that can highlight and enhance your most valuable furniture and accessories.

The kitchen of your dreams

In the case of renovations, the kitchen is where most designers pay attention. The errors can be found right around the corner. The dream model can become a disaster if it isn’t appropriate for the surrounding environment. It is important to consider all systems in the room in advance. It is best to get the floor plan from the architect or dealer before the plumber or electrician enters the kitchen. Then, the plumber or electrician can return to the house with a diagram of all the systems that will be used. You will need to plan for an intervention in the floor if you intend to construct an island Kitchen. The gas, electricity, and water systems will need to pass under the tiles to reach the island.

What sanitary ware is best for bathrooms?

The toilets are drained from the bathroom floor. It is located at a distance from the wall so that the backpack cistern and toilet can be included. The suspended sanitaryware can be used to cover up to 15cm of wall space.

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