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Things You Should Know About Portable Jump Starter

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A portable jump starter is an effective battery starter specifically designed to recharge a car s battery in the simplest way without the assistance of any electrical power supply or another electric device. Jumpstarters appear like portable power banks which you would normally use to recharge a mobile phone or tablet while you are on the go, except that it has a 12-volt outlet hooked directly into the car battery for which special charger cables are attached. These cables are so small and thin that you can easily wrap them around your wrist. This way, you can start your car even when you are at the airport. You do not need an expensive adapter or cable as the charger is connected directly to the battery.

There are many types of portable jump-starting devices. The most common are those which come in small, rechargeable, and long-lasting four-cylinder batteries. Many jumper systems also have the option of using AA-size batteries in emergencies. A variety of jumpers available in the market include the following:

AA Remote Start Car Battery Charger

The AA Remote Start is a simple portable jump starter with a waterproof casing. The case has to be removed to access the wiring inside, and the terminals are located on the front of the case. It provides a charging/power connection to any AA-size battery, and the terminals accept both AC and DC power. The battery is not waterproof, but some manufacturers coat the exterior of the case with anti-rust paint to protect the unit from water damage. While the AA remote starts cars with a 12-volt connection, some cars use a 9-volt connection.

Booster Cables Start Easy

Using boosters cables is another way to start a car using a portable jump starter. These cables come with a charging cable that plugs into the cigarette lighter port on your vehicle. A 12-volt charger connects the cable to the car battery, and a separate outlet connects the booster cables to the alternator in the car. This system works well for cars using a standard 12-volt connection.

Jump Start Booster Cables with Energy Backpack

A portable jump starter with an energy backpack is another method to get your car started. These energy backpacks have dual antennas. They pick up signals from the radio equipment on the outside of your vehicle. Once they receive the signals, the backpack converts the power to batteries used by the portable jump starter. A secondary antenna receives signals from the back of your vehicle’s roof.

Peak Amperage/ Peak Voltaic

The peak amperage is the maximum current that can be charged from your battery. For a vehicle’s sake, the highest peak amperage is selected. This feature ensures that your portable jump starter has enough power to start your car even if your battery capacity is at its lowest. On average, you should select a battery capacity of around ten thousand volts. The maximum amperage and peak voltaic should be around one hundred percent.

No Dead Batteries

With portable jump starters, dead batteries are not your only problem. Your starter will also have trouble starting your car if your vehicle battery is dead. A dead battery is like not having a battery at all. To keep portable jump starters working, you need to keep your vehicle’s battery fully charged. Most vehicles come with a built-in charger that will allow you to quickly put a fresh charge in your vehicle before starting your vehicle so that the dead batteries will not prevent your portable jump starters from working.

Know the Warning Signs

There are other things besides a dead battery that may prevent your portable jump starter from starting. For example, some cars have warning lights on their dashboard that warn of problems with starting. If you notice any such signs on your car, call for roadside assistance immediately. Roadside assistance companies are trained to use jump-starting devices to help drivers who are stranded. They can quickly jump-start your car and get you on the road again.

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