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Punjab Police Launches Smartphone App in Lahore To Prevent Mobile Phone Theft



Smartphone App

      Mobile snatching is one of the most common crimes taking place in Pakistan. This crime was mostly popular in Sindh, especially Karachi, where bikers would ride up to unsuspecting victims and force them to hand over their phones at gunpoint. Due to Covid-19, the poverty situation of the country was on the rise as many people had lost their jobs. This caused an alarming spike in mobile snatching cases even in the Punjab Region.  Most of the time the criminals cannot be caught and the mobile snatchers roam free while the victim faces monetary losses.  

      To fight back and retrieve stolen mobiles, the Punjab Police Département has launched an official application that people can download on their smartphones to help track down stolen phones and put a stop to smartphones being stolen and sold. The eGadget Monitoring System can be easily downloaded from the iOS App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android users. 

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Launching the App 

       The launch ceremony of this app was organized at the Deputy Inspector General Investigations Office in Lahore. The app’s launch ceremony was attended by BA Nasir, who is the Chief Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) as the event’s chief guest. This event was also attended by many media partners, the app stakeholders, senior police officials, and as well as normal rank police officers.  

     Other high-profile personals who attended the launch ceremony include, DIG Investigation Dr. Inaam Wahid, DIG Operations Waqas Nazeer, SSP Admin Mutazir Mehdi, SSP Investigations Zeeshan Asghar, and SSP (CRO) Ahsan Saifullah. 

      While addressing the attendees of this ceremony, the CCPO of Lahore praised the smartphone app as a powerful means of reducing mobile snatching and the trade of stolen smartphones in the market by 60%. This is a big number since mobile snatching cases are on the rise. Mr. BA Nasir called the smartphone app a revolution, a need for the citizens to feel safeguarded and protected against the crime of mobile snatching.  

         The CCPO of Lahore assured that this app will also be launched in other cities of the Punjab region after the app garnered success in the province’s Capital city, as currently, this app is only functional in Lahore. 

         Moreover, Dr. Inam Wajid, DIG, also stated during the ceremony that this mobile app will not only help users retrieve stolen mobile phones, but will also let smartphone business owners save the IMEIs of all the phones that they have sold on the app. This tactic will create a database for all smartphones currently being bought and sold on the market, helping the police track down stolen phones. 

How it works

          If a smartphone, that has been registered on the app, is reported as stolen, an FIR will automatically be uploaded on the app and the police will be notified about it instantly.  

          The police department will naturally get access to the app’s databases and be able to track down the location of the stolen phone. This increases the possibility that all stolen devices can be recovered within a short time. Customers who are on the lookout for a new, second-hand smartphone will also be able to verify the device on the eGadget Monitoring System App to see if it is reported as stolen or not. Not only does this protect customers from buying stolen phones, but also protects people from being victims of mobile snatching crime. Get the idea from the real estate projects.

Guarding against stolen vehicles 

         With the success of the eGadget Monitoring System smartphone app, the next target for the Punjab Police is to develop a smartphone app to prevent car theft in the province. Currently, the only way buyers can be assured that the car they have purchased is not stolen is through the Vehicle Verification Certificate that can be availed from the Punjab police’s Police Kidmat Markaz. 

        With the launch of this app, the police aim to see a decrease in mobile snatching crimes and to put an end to the sale of stolen mobile phones in the entire country.  

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All You Need to Know About Drying Oven



All You Need to Know About Drying Oven

A drying oven is a piece of industrial equipment based on heat exchange via convection inside an enclosed insulated chamber with trays placed on top of each other in a trolley. Read about Know About Drying Oven below in detail.

Drying ovens have chambers made of stainless-steel material. There is a transparent observation window to see the operation. Drying oven manufacturers make work easier for industrialists and researchers.

Drying ovens for baking and other purposes

There are various drying ovens; some ovens are used for industrial and laboratory uses, whereas some ovens can be used to bake bread and can also be used to dry fish, any fish, or chicken. It serves all purposes. Drying oven manufacturers design ovens in different shapes and sizes used for different purposes.

These types of Drying ovens are double padded on both sides in and out with a glass fiber so that you don’t feel the heat outside if it’s below 200 degrees Celsius. The trays are also made of stainless steel. Some of the drying machines are entirely made of stainless steel. Since the excellent quality drying machines satisfy commercial and private needs. 

Some drying ovens can dry 500-gram items. The spacing between each tray is nearly 6 inches so that you can use it to do other things like big cake baking conveniently. The heating process in these drying ovens is effective and efficient without the fan. 

It is easy to travel from the base to the top conveniently. The drop-powered comes with gas and charcoal chambers, so you can either use gas or charcoal, but at any point when you have the two things installed, it is left to you to choose. 

Though people prefer to use gas because it is faster, you can also use charcoal if it is affordable and have the patience to wait. This drying oven is cost-effective. It comes with extra materials, gas holes and gas knobs, and an industrial regulator with a lighter.

Vacuum drying oven

The vacuum drying oven makes use of the vacuum to dry. Vacuum drying is the mass transfer (net movement of mass from one location) operation. If the air is too hot. The important point as part of Know About Drying Oven.

● The top surface of the item hardens.

● Excavates oxidation of items.


● Conduction is used as the principal method of heat transfer.

● Drying is operated under a vacuum.

● Convection cannot take place because air is nearly absent.

Advantages of vacuum drying oven

● Drying takes place at a low temperature which is used for thermolabile materials.

● During drying, it decreases the risk of oxidation.

● It produces friable granules and porous granules.

● You can regain the solvent from the condenser.

Disadvantages of vacuum drying oven

● Coefficients of warmth are less.

● Operating costs and labor costs are high.

Uses of Vacuum drying oven

● It is used for thermolabile (heat sensitive) materials like Penicillin.

● A vacuum drying oven can use it for dusty and hygroscopic materials.

● To recover the solvent.

● Vacuum drying ovens retain the high organoleptic properties of the product.

How to operate a Drying Oven?

1. Turn on the oven. Heat up to 107±0.1 degrees C.

2. Before analysis, please open the sample bottle cap.

3. Open the furnace door, put the sample into the oven. Close the furnace door quickly.

4. Set the drying time to 1.5 hours. Start the instrument. The temperature shall remain at 107±0.1 degrees C. 

5. When the heating finishes, the instrument will alarm with a voice.

6. Wear gloves, open the furnace door, take out the crucible. Cover the bottle cap quickly to avoid the resulting error caused by moisture in the air.

7. Put the crucible into the drying tower until cooling, which takes around 20 minutes. Thus, these are the simple steps to operate a drying oven.

Uses of drying oven

These drying ovens are used widely in the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, packaging material industry, construction industry, the field of metrology, and quality control in the industry. 

Additionally, it is used in the electronic industry, botany, general and applied industry, zoology, automotive industry, cosmetic industry, and chemical industry.

Industrial manufacturing processes use drying ovens in food products, pharmaceutical dyeing, and chemicals manufacturing. 

A drying oven is used for baking, drying, and sterilization of samples in the laboratory. 

It is widely applied in hospital laboratories, coal mines, research institutes, and inspection companies, 

Properties of chamber

The volume size of the chamber ranges 22, 55, 111, 222, 404, 707, and 1212 liters. The temperature ranges from -20 degrees C above the ambient temperature up to 300 degrees C. They can control Humidity, Pressure, Light, CO2, and more.

Control Automatics

The new generation of heating technology with innovative control automatics – ECO-line and EVO-line.


It has a 3 inches LCD with a mechanical keyboard.


It has a 5.7 inches Touchscreen with Control through color icons.

Six physical ways of Heat Transfer

● Natural Air Circulation

● Forced Air Circulation

● Conduction

● Forced Air Cooling

● Forced Air Controlled Humidity

● Directly heated jacket and CO2 Atmosphere

Shaggy Logic Regulation system

Advanced Shaggy logic technology assesses data from a running process, like chamber volume, operation: temperature, humidity, or others, unlike classic mechanical or electronic control. When the process starts, there is software that is specially developed to control items. Then there is an event of the process where chambers are filled. 

Based on the information, it continuously adjusts the input values of regulation such as heating, cooling, etc. It can also optimize regulation to minimize the time for reaching the process parameters without individual items overshoots.

In this way, it is possible to reach pre-set operation levels of items in the shortest possible time, without the ineffective power consumption, and make the work with the appliance maximally efficient. Concurrently, the Fuzzy logic lessens improvement times after the device door opens in the operation cycle.


Thus, drying ovens are used in a variety of areas. Drying oven manufacturers produce various drying ovens. Hence, drying ovens are mainly used for drying purposes. Hope you love reading about Know About Drying Oven.

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