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Best SEO Practices that would make you rank YouTube Channel

best way to rank your youtube channel

Whether you are creating video content for merchandise purpose or juts to get a large online following, just everyone wants to be able to see their videos on the first pages of youtube video search.

There are millions of videos that are always posted yearly on the Youtube video hosting platform. So this might make it look like trying to rank your video on youtube very difficult. In the course of this article, we would be looking at a practical guide that would help any marketer or content creator to rank their youtube channels without any fuss.

What is Youtube SEO all about?

best way to rank your youtube channel

Youtube SEO can be interpreted as an approach that involves following practices that would make your youtube channel to rank high for any particular search query. It is important to note that the strategy for ranking your youtube videos is slightly different from the one used to rank a channel.

For instance, if you are floating a brand, and want to rank for brand mentions on YouTube search queries, it is quite different from ranking an individual video. Practically, a video on “Tems Biography and Net worth” would rank differently than a youtube channel on “UX and UI design. For ranking a youtube channel, you brand must have gained some traction on other marketing channels, making it sought out for on youtube.


Understanding how the YouTube search Algorithm works

Youtube took the time to explain how their search algorithm works in the YouTube creator academy platform. Worth pointing out is the fact that videos are ranked based on some factors such as the title, video content matches, and description of the youtube channel?

Google pays attention to videos on some channels that have gotten enough visitor engagement for a particular video. There are lots of ranking factors that are worth elucidating on, but the chief of them is visitor engagement.

It is important to note that the kind of queries that brings up a list of youtube channels are brand mentions or queries that contain; “video ” in it. For instance a search for a query “Programming videos” would bring out a list of youtube channels that offer content related to the query.

Like I stated earlier, getting visitor engagement makes your youtube channel to gain traction in the eyes of Google bots. For those that don’t know what engagement is, engagement is all about how many likes, shares, comments and watch time that users make on a video on your channel.

How to Increase Your SEO Ranking on YouTube Channel

After using the best tool ever to create your video content, the next step would be to hustle to make it rank on youtube. Enough of the chatter let us see practical guides that can be followed to make your YouTube channel rank high for some queries.

#1. Use the Right Target Keywords for Video Content on your channel

Every single video on your channel should be engineered in a way that it focuses on one particular keyword. This way, it would be easy for Google to decide what to rank the video for. So you need to know whether the video has the capacity of ranking for just one search or multiple search terms.

After you have chosen the target keyword that you want your video to rank for, you then go on to optimize the video for that search. To optimize the video, you have to pay attention to the title, title description, tags and the major video content.

Youtube have a way of crawling all the videos on their platform. If optimize all your videos for keywords that are similar to each other, it would be easy for Google bots to determine what the youtube channel is for. If Google knows what your channel is all about, it would be easy to rank it for some search phrases on the video hosting platform.

How to optimize a video for the right keyword

Endeavor to add the keyword to the far left as much as you can. The reason for this is that the YouTube AI reads the video content from left to right, just as human beings do. For instance, if you created a video on the Net worth of a celebrity, a well optimized YouTube video should be titled “Odunlade Biography and Net worth”. Optimizing a video well would make to rank well on youtube search results and in turn make the Youtube channel to rank.

#2. Create Video Content that Can retain your Audience

This is so far the best practice that an SEO expert should adopt for ranking a youtube channel. Audience retention can be regarded as the length of time it takes your video content to keep your visitors engaged. If per adventure your video content has longer view rates, they would appear in higher positions of youtube search.


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