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Seniors Fitness Programs, Opportunities and Exercises

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Times are changing at a very rapid rate, and so are the trends amongst people. The growing senior population in the US is no longer looking to live idle, retired lives. The idea of remaining young forever (Seniors Fitness) has prevailed, and many seniors are now shaping their lives accordingly. Its always good idea if you are searching for assisted living to make sure you can get right services.

No longer do seniors consider a regular exercise routine as something reserved for the younger generations, but more and more people above 50 are opting to include exercise in their daily lives. Based on this trend, a number of fitness studios have opened up, which are targeted towards people in this age group. The prospects of investing in a fitness club for seniors are very good.

Why invest in a Senior’s fitness club?

According to the latest statistics, the number of gym members aged 40 or over has tripled in recent years. A great number of Baby boomers are heading to gyms in their quest to achieve a healthier lifestyle. This new behavior has been brought about by Mainstream media advertising exercise and healthy life choices as the key to staying young at every age. This makes a seniors fitness club a viable investment.

Seniors today realize that in order to continue living productive and active lives, they need to invest time exercising. Health authorities have helped reinforce these ideals. Intending to stay independent, and avoiding the major health issues which can plague one as age progresses. Many elderly people today are signing up at a gym or a seniors fitness club with a healthy diet plan.

A seniors club not only fulfills their need to exercise, but it also provides much-needed social interaction, helping form a community of peers. When they join such a club, most seniors have at least one of three aims in mind. They are either looking to lose or maintain weight, stay fit and active, or need to exercise for rehab to recover from an illness or procedure.

This huge customer base is just waiting to be tapped and can help achieve a very high return on investment. So if you are looking to make your fortune through the fitness industry, try this avenue to pick up on a growing need.

Things to look out for when investing in a Seniors Fitness Club?

As somebody planning on investing in a seniors fitness club, you should take into account the following few details. The first thing is that though most clubs and gyms are just advertising a toned-down version of their regular programs as a senior’s gym session, these don’t, in reality, fit the bill.

Seniors need a different exercise regimen more in tune with their physical requirements. With specially designed accessible facilities to make any program worthy. Using your regular gym equipment wouldn’t serve the purpose, and you can’t just use the same old program with low intensity.

That’s where a purpose-built senior’s fitness club comes in. There are various franchises available that cater to this need, and those can help you by securing your investment and taking it to a higher level.

Seniors Fitness Programs

TV or VIDEO. There is a popular program on PBS called “Sit and Be Fit” which is a great way for seniors to engage in exercise in the comfort of their own home. This senior fitness program allows you the option of standing or sitting to perform the exercises.

The instructor is very good and performs simple, low-impact movements which most seniors will be able to perform. The drawback with TV exercise programs is that you have to exercise at the specific time that the program is on. Another option would be video or DVD programs which you could play at your convenience.

GYM and Personal Trainer

Another good option is joining a gym and getting a personal trainer. Right away you may see the dollar signs and might feel this option is too expensive. There are some good gym membership deals out there that include personal training as well.
A trainer is very important for everyone, but especially for seniors. As you get older you are more prone to twisting this or pulling that, so it is important for a trainer to show you the exact form and technique necessary for a safe and effective workout. When we were younger we could get away with “imperfect form”. But as we get older we really require a near-perfect form for all the exercises we do.

Seniors Fitness Online.

Now even if you are not heavy into computers you should still heavily consider this option as it is usually the cheapest, most convenient, and the easiest to implement. You can even have a friend print everything out and set up easy-to-watch video tutorials in only a few minutes.

There are a variety of senior fitness programs which cover everything from lightweight workouts and stretching exercises, to a variety of seated workouts as well. Usually, the instruction is by another senior which makes a HUGE difference.

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