Singapore Immigration Schemes and Their Requirements

There is no doubt that Singapore has quickly become the ultimate destination for all sorts of businesses in Southeast Asia. This is thanks to its immigration policies that can easily attract foreign professionals from all around the world. Singapore is known for having several different work permit schemes. The immigration schemes can help foreigners with a professional background and seasoned entrepreneurs either find a suitable job or set up their own company in Singapore.

If you would like to learn more about the immigration schemes that are available in Singapore, as well as about their requirements, you have come to the right place!

Entry Visa Application (For Foreign Visitors)

  • Visa Application Form: You can either get the visa application form from just about any Singapore overseas mission out there or by downloading it from the Internet.
  • Visa Application: You can apply for a visa through a local contact in Singapore (this individual must be either a citizen of Singapore or a permanent resident of Singapore) who has a CorpPass/SingPass account. You can apply for a visa online through your local contact in Singapore by making use of the SAVE system that can be found on the official site of the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). Once the visa application process is complete, your local contact in Singapore can help you get your visa either by printing it out or by collecting it on your behalf and mailing it to you.
  • Visa and Entry Requirements: Every foreigner who decides to enter Singapore must meet a certain set of requirements.

Visa Immigration Schemes and Entry Requirements

The following is a list of the requirements that must be met by foreigners:

  1. They must have a valid travel document that has a minimum validity period of six months at the time of departure
  2. Must have confirm either return or onward tickets (whichever is applicable)
  3. They must have entry facilities to the next destination (including visas)
  4. Must possess enough funds to support themselves throughout the entire duration of their visit to Singapore
  5. They must possess a visa that grants them access to Singapore (when applicable)
  6. Must go through the process of Yellow Fever vaccination (when applicable)
  7. They must check their eligibility

Visitors who come from ASEAN countries and most western countries have the right to stay in Singapore without any visas for up to 30 days. However, they must possess a passport with a minimum validity period of six months (beyond the intended duration of their stay). They must provide either an onward or a return ticket, and enough funds to support themselves throughout their entire stay in the country. However, it should also be note that visitors with passports from certain regions or countries are require to apply for an entry visa (either for a Business Visit or a Social Visit) before their arrival in Singapore.

Work Permit Immigration Schemes For Foreign Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Immigration Schemes #1 – Employment Pass Scheme:

As its name suggests, the Employment Pass (EP) is meant for skilled employees and company owners who will be either working or conducting their business in Singapore. One of the requirements clearly states that the applicant’s fixed monthly salary has to be above S$3,600. Employment Passes are initially issue for a period of 1-2 years. They stay valid until their applicants’ employment contracts get terminate.

  1. The applicant has to be a working professional (this individual can be either a company owner or a skilled staff member who is a part of either a management team or an executive team, or someone who is known for being a part of some sort of special job).
  2. Applicant has to possess a tertiary degree from a renown university.
  3. The applicant needs to have a strong professional employment history.
  4. The applicant’s monthly salary during their employment in Singapore must be above S$3,600.
  • There is no quota system in place for this scheme.
  • Employment Pass holders have the right to apply for PR in due course.

Immigration Schemes #2 – EntrePass (Entrepreneur Pass) Scheme:

The EntrePass is a variation of the Employment Pass. This work pass is known as the primary type of work pass. The pass is for owners of newly incorporated companies who are willing to relocate to Singapore so that they can run their new businesses. Entrepreneur Passes are issue for a period of one year. Their renewal depends on several different factors, including proof of business activities, incorporation of a company, and just about any other thing that can prove that the business is viable.

  1. The applicant has to either have already incorporate a private limited company with the Regulatory & Corporate Authority of Singapore or is planning on doing so in the future. If a company was register not too long ago, the application date has to show that the company is less than six months old.
  2. The applicant has to hold at least 30% of the total share capital of the company.
  • There is no quota system in place for this scheme.
  • EntrePass holders have the right to apply for PR in due course.

Immigration Schemes #3 – PEP (Personalised Employment Pass) Scheme:

The PEP was design with Employment Pass holders and foreign professionals in mind. These individuals must be earning high amounts of money on a regular basis. The difference between the Personalised Employment Pass and the regular one is that the former provides more flexibility than the latter. It is also important to note that Personalised Employment Pass holders have the right to switch jobs without reapplying for any new work visas, but those individuals must not be jobless for a period of more than six months. The biggest downside of this work pass, however, is that its holders are not allow to start their own companies in Singapore. Also, Personalised Employment Passes are issue for a period of three years and cannot be renew.

  1. The applicant must not be jobless in Singapore for a period of more than six months.
  2. Regardless of how much time the applicant stays employ by a company, their fix annual salary must be at least S$144,000.
  3. Overseas foreign professionals whose last monthly salary earn overseas was at least $18,000 are eligible. The last drawn salary must not be more than six months old.
  4. Employment Pass holders with a fix monthly salary of at least $12,000 are eligible.
  • There is no quota system in place for this scheme.
  • Personalised Employment Pass holders have the right to apply for PR in due course.

Immigration Scheme #4 – S Pass Scheme:

The S Pass Scheme is for employees with medium skills who have a fix monthly salary of at least $2,200. S Passes are issue for a period of 1-2 years. The passes can be renew for as long as the applicant’s employment stays active.

  1. The applicants must have either a degree or a diploma.
  2. Individuals with a technical certificate might also be consider under the condition that their certifications must have at least one year of full-time study.
  3. Only mid-level technical staff is eligible.
  • S Pass holders have the right to apply for PR. Their applications will be assess base on the criteria set up by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore.

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Immigration Scheme #5 – The Miscellaneous Work Pass Scheme

As its name suggests, the Miscellaneous Work Pass Scheme is issue to foreigners. Foreigners who are working on short-term assignments in Singapore. Miscellaneous Work Passes are only valid for a short period of time.

  1. Individuals who are directly involve in activities that are relate to either an organization or conduct of a seminar. (Or a workshop, conference, religion-relate gathering, community or race, or political end) are eligible.
  2. Individuals who are foreign religious workers/religious leaders who are planning on giving religion-relate speeches about any religion are eligible.
  3. Foreign journalists who are not sponsor by any Singaporean government agencies are eligible.
  • There is no quota system in place for this immigration schemes.
  • Miscellaneous Work Pass holders do not have the right to apply for PR.

Other Immigration Schemes

The Dependent Pass Scheme:

The Dependent Pass Immigration Scheme is issue to select family members. (Spouse and unmarried children who are under 21 years of age). This include family member of EntrePass holders, S Pass holders, Employment Pass holders, and Personalised Employment Pass holders. Employment Pass/S Pass holders must have a fixed monthly salary of at least S$6,000. The Dependent’s Pass stays valid until the main work visa holder’s employment contract gets terminate. Dependent’s Pass holders have the right to enter, exit, and live in Singapore without reapplying for any separate entry visas.

Permanent Residence Scheme For Work Pass Holders:

Professional work pass holders have the right to apply for PR in due course.

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