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The Best Polygon Bikes for Every Type Of Activity



Best Polygon Bikes

If you’re into bikes and cycling, you’ve probably heard about Polygon Bikes. If you’re not, chances are you’ve never heard of them.

So, both for you who have heard and you who haven’t heard about Polygon Bikes, we’re here to tell you everything we know about this bike brand and their bikes.

If you’re interested, let’s check out who Polygon Bikes are first.

Who is Polygon?

To be able to talk about bikes, we first need to find out more about the company that makes them. Polygon Bikes, even though it has been around, making bikes for 25 years, is relatively unknown to a wider public.

But yes, Polygon Bikes is responsible for the design and manufacturing of some of the most world-class bicycles since 1995. It can be said that this is thanks to all the best engineers this company has been working with, creating and producing designs perfect for every type of activity.

Polygon Bikes has been working with engineers and riders from all over the world to create something that everyone can identify with. In addition to that, this company has manufacturing facilities in several different locations across the globe, which is something that not many bike companies have.

These manufacturing facilities are what enable this company to have complete control over the whole manufacturing process, from design to production, painting, and assembly.

And even though, the Polygon brand is not one of the most popular or largest brands in the world, it has manufactured bikes for some of the world’s most prominent brands such as Trek, Marin, Specialized, and others. The amazing Polygon Bikes company produces at least 1 million bikes every year.

The best thing about Polygon Bikes is that it has an amazing number of different types of bicycles.

The technology behind Polygon Bikes

We’ve already mentioned that Polygon collaborates with some of the world’s best engineers, but what you don’t know is all the research done to create the best bikes on the market.

In addition to research, Polygon strives to always be up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, and use all the best and high-quality components from all the best manufacturers.

Some of the most incredible technology used for Polygon bikes include independent floating suspension, ACX carbon, and ADG to name a few.

1.      Independent Floating Suspension

Independent Floating Suspension (IFS) is a new suspension platform. As its name implies, this suspension design can operate as autonomously as possible from its surroundings. Basically, this suspension allows you to control the wheel path and anti-squat independently.

Thanks to this type of suspension, your ride will be super responsive and sensitive even in the bumpiest terrain.

2.      ACX Carbon

Another technological innovation of Polygon bikes is ACX Carbon. The quality of Polygon bikes is off the charts thanks to all the advancements in carbon-fiber technology.

ACX Carbon is, at the same time, the lightest and strongest frame building material. It’s considered to be the most durable material for the construction of bike frames.

Polygon has managed to design what every rider has been looking for: a bike frame that has weight savings without a decrease in durability and endurance.

3.      The ADG

Since we’re talking about all the technological innovations Polygon has been slowly implementing in its bikes, we can’t move on without mentioning the ADG.

Polygon has been making some slight changes to the geometry of its bikes, changes that make a huge difference. Polygon has achieved the ADG with the help of a flip-chip system. This system allows riders to make small changes and adjustments to their riding style in order to improve performance.

Types and subtypes of Polygon bikes

Once again, we must reiterate that the best thing about Polygon is the variety of bikes it offers. A vast selection allows riders many options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular Polygon bike types and subtypes that you should know about.

1.      Polygon Urban Bikes

Urban bikes, also known as city bikes, are bikes designed for short rides through relatively flat urban areas. And Polygon offers a really wide variety of these types of bikes, so you won’t have any problems finding something that fits your needs. Here are some of the most popular Polygon urban bikes:


Bend is a Polygon bike model designed to provide comfort as well as adaptability. This model is perfect for the exploration of new areas and roads. You won’t have any problems riding this bike around city streets, gravel roads, as well as long-distance roads.


Commuting will no longer be a problem with this bike model. Path Polygon is a bike designed with the rider’s needs in mind – to provide the best possible riding experience. It’s stylish and quick and above all very versatile.


The Zenith model will undoubtedly remind you of traditional European bikes. And that’s no coincidence, these bikes were designed to resemble European bikes. Riding this model of urban bike will provide the ultimate riding experience. This model is comfortable and stylish.


It can be easily said that this model has it all – it’s one of the most comfortable of all urban bikes and, above all, it’s one of the most affordable Polygon bikes. Its design is flawless and comfortable since it features a lightweight alloy frame. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Heist X

If you need an urban bike but for more than just your regular city commute, this model is for you. Heist X is designed as an urban bike but it performs extremely well in light off-road terrains.

Oosten and Lovina

Another very comfortable urban bike model. This bike is designed for an upright riding position, it’s lightweight and comfortable, perfect for urban areas and roads.


If you’re looking for a folding urban bike, look no further because the Urbano model is the perfect model for you. It’s a functional bike, foldable which makes it perfect for the city environment.

2.      Polygon Road Bikes

Road bikes are designed for paved surfaces – roads, as their name suggests. These bikes are fast and easy to pedal – on pavement only. Polygon offers some of the most popular road bike models in this bike category – Bend and Strattos.


The design of the Bend model is what makes this bike so popular. This bike is designed from a lightweight ALX frame, it features powerful disc breaks and it can accommodate bigger tires. It’s also designed for an upright riding position which makes riding more comfortable.

With this bike, you can ride around the city streets, gravel paths, or pedal on long-distance roads.


The design of the Strattos model features a lightweight and responsive frame with a carbon fiber fork. This model offers comfort without sacrificing responsive handling on rough terrain.

Strattos line offers some of the most economical road bikes such as the New Strattos Disc Brake and the Strattos S Series.

New Strattos Disc Brake

If it’s the best performance you’re looking for, then look no further. This model is a favorite of many riders thanks to its design and features. It’s a bike that will inspire you to pedal faster.

Its frame is made of either aluminum or carbon fiber and it features strong disk breaks (thus the name). New Strattos Disk Brake is a versatile bike you’ll without a doubt love.

Strattos S Series

This series of Polygon Strattos S bikes are made up of five models S2, S3, S4, S5, and S7.

Strattos S7

The speed performance of this model is amazing, so if you’re looking to increase your speed, choose this model from the Strattos S line. Starttos S7 features ASX carbon frames.

Strattos S2, S3, S4 and S5

The performance and durability of these bikes are thanks to innovative ASX carbon frames. With that said, these bikes are also great for both commuting and daily training.

3.      Polygon Mountain Bikes


As their name suggests, mountain bikes are typically made for mountain trails and other similar unpaved surfaces. Polygon mountain bikes, just like urban bikes, come in a wide variety of options. Here are some of them:


This model of Polygon mountain bikes can be described as a combination of world-class technology and high-quality materials. The Siskiu line of bikes features a lightweight, durable aluminum frame with full suspension. It’s a comfortable bike model that will allow you to ride in the most difficult of conditions.


If you’re searching for a bike that can be ridden on many different types of terrain, check out The Polygon Xtrada Series. These bikes are durable and feature solid and lasting components.


Syncline bikes feature a lightweight yet stiff frame, paired with two-wheel options (27.5-inch or 29-inch wheels). It can be said that these bikes are the ultimate trail bikes because of their amazing performance on the trail and most of the terrain.


Polygon’s Premier model is perfect for recreational purposes and similar activities. It’s a flexible mountain bike that features great geometry and a smooth ride.


If you like taking leisure rides on the weekends, the Cascade is the perfect bike for you. It’s a comfortable bike that you will enjoy riding on the weekends.


Ladies, the Cleo model is designed and intended only for you. It’s a bike both for commuting and off-road terrain. It features an aluminum frame, it’s light and durable, and above all long-lasting.


According to many riders, the Polygon Trid bike is said to be one of the best dirt jumpers on the market. It’s Trid’s sturdy structure and performance that make it the best in its category.

4.      Polygon Junior Bikes

Junior bikes are specially made for children and youngsters who enjoy riding bikes. Polygon invests a lot of time and effort to design and manufacture high-quality bikes that young ones will love. Here are some of the best bikes from the junior line:


Relic is a mountain bike designed to allow young riders the ultimate riding experience. If it’s an adventure you have in mind, this is the perfect bike for it.


Rudge, on the other hand, is a freestyle BMX bike. This kids bike is built with cutting-edge technology and can be ridden practically anywhere – dirt, street, or park.


Polygon Claire bike is a European-style city bike. This model is comfortable and easy to ride as it features a lightweight AL6 frame. Its upright riding position is just another thing that makes riding this bike super enjoyable.

All in all, what we can conclude is that Polygon Bikes is a company that creates some of the world’s best and high-quality bikes. Polygon Bikes strives to provide the best riding experience for its riders by putting a lot of time and effort into the research and design of its bikes.

I hope we managed to convince you that Polygon bikes are the best bikes for every type of activity.

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Why Office Dress Code Is Getting Casual ? 4 Advantages Of It



Dress Code

For so long as there had been company offices, formal enterprise put on has ruled because of the ideal apparel to put on at work. However, this appears set to change, as increasingly offices are choosing a greater comfortable get dressed code. 

The benefits of this coverage are various, and now no longer they are pretty as apparent as you’d think. So beneath are 4 motives why employers have to solid apart the healthy and tie and appearance to a greater bendy get dressed code—and why personnel have to location a robust emphasis on an informal get dressed coverage whilst identifying which organization to join.

1. Make Work Attire More Versatile And Attractive

There are many approaches a worker can customize their appearance and make their commercial enterprise apparel greater versatile, however most effective in case you permit them to choose an informal technique and encourage them to apply the proper accents to finish a super commercial enterprise appearance. 

To style yourself you should try striped shirts for men hey look certainly good on you. You can upload a coverage to the informal get dressed code and use it to encourage your personnel to attention to accents in an effort to lead them to greater uniqueness.

2. Attracting The Top Talent To Your Business

Building attractive paintings surroundings isn’t a smooth task, mainly if you’re seeking to entice pinnacle expertise withinside the industry. The cutting-edge process marketplace is a highly-aggressive one, and the quality of the quality are these days capable of choosing and selecting the businesses they paint with – thoughts you, they don’t need to position up with any “stringent” measures.

Don’t be fooled into wondering that a high-sufficient revenue will encourage them to return back on board due to the fact pinnacle expertise will don’t have any trouble skipping your provide for extra casual, stress-unfastened paintings surroundings. Remember, your get dressed code is a critical manual to your employees, and it tells the applicants what they are able to count on the tradition and environment to appear like. Making it casual (inside reason) is consequently remarkable.

3. A More Relaxed Atmosphere 

Casual clothes are surely greater cushty. Wearing an enterprise match can weigh closely after a protracted day, mainly thinking that maximum workplace jobs are in large part sedentary. Swapping formal put on out for greater cushty alternatives will suggest a greater comfortable and cushty group of workers all through lengthy days. It is nice to incorporate some prints in your style as you know prints are in trend you can buy and try stylish shirts for men in different prints & patterns.

And if you’re greater comfortable and have greater cushty at paintings, pressure degrees will probably be lowered, that’s a critical metric of a well-functioning workplace. There can also be much less stress to alternate garments for informal after-paintings activities, that’s usually a bonus.

4. Less Strain On Finances

If you need to flip up carrying an immaculate shape each day, there’s an entire host of prices related to this that may be a stress on you. 

Dry cleaning prices, formal footwear, and the fee of the shape itself all upload up. And if you’re having to pay for those in reality so that you can appear the element at your job, you can nicely come to resent the coverage and notice it as similar to your faculty uniform coverage from childhood. 

On the opposite hand, being freed from this arguably useless greater fee will enhance your morale and your financial stress. And as soon as you’ve swapped steeply-priced trousers for a trusty pair of Levi jeans, for example, you can even see a productiveness enhance as a result.

Wrapping Up: Hope you understand Why Office Dress Code Is Getting Casual ? 4 Advantages Of It after you read it. Now you can keep in mind what should be the monthly bill for drycleaning when you have to wear a suit or formal clothing. 

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What Are The Best Qualities Of A Good Astrologer?




Astrology is a divine science based on the placement of celestial bodies and their impacts on people’s life. A person develops a specific personality on the basis of numerous positions of celestial bodies during their birth.

That’s the reason an astrologer creates a horoscope to know the strength and weaknesses of a person. Based on astrological calculations, one can shape their future for a better life. A good astrologer can predict human and worldly events with the observation of the situation of planets and stars.

Many yet think that astrologers randomly predict a person’s future, which is not true. A genuine astrologer never construes anybody’s horoscope randomly. They go through the placement of celestial bodies and see their impacts prior to construing anything.

An astrologer or Jyotish is not similar to a priest. The role of an astrologer is very honorable which is to try to aid people in knowing about their real self, events that are going to take place, and guiding them to solve problems in their life.

Who Is A Good Astrologer?

A good astrologer is the one who has these 5 qualities:

1.      Communication Skill

Make sure that the astrology expert you are going to visit has great communication skills. If you come across an astrologer who speaks vaguely, it might turn out to be a great dissatisfaction. So, you must take a glance at the communication skills of an astrologer in the first place.

The conception of astrology is complex and can be slightly tough to understand, particularly for people who are new to this subject. So, it would be good if the experts streamline the complexities to let people understand the happenings of their lives.

2.      Expertise

Astrology is a complex science that requires experience of many years to be an expert in it. An expert astrologer should have great expertise to foretell a person’s future on the basis of their birth charts. Today, it is quite easy to assess the qualities of an astrologer with online websites. We can go through the clients’ feedback from these sites to know if the astrologer has satisfactory experience in astrology or not.

Keeping the expertise factor in mind is vital when you are seeking an astrologer. This is because a majority of folks make certain decisions based on their astrologer’s prediction.

If you choose an astrologer who has little or no experience, he might not be able to solve the troubles of your life. So, it is important to check the experience level of an astrologer before hiring him.

3.      Price

It is also important to consider the price factor when choosing an astrologer. But don’t utterly consider the fees of an astrologer.  

Astrologers usually demand a decent fee for consultation. However, some might demand a higher price without having the ideal experience and know-how to assess a person’s life. That’s the reason it is vital to ask astrologer about the fees prior to the starting of the consultation.

4.      Nature

The nature of the experts also plays an important part in the lives of people. It is because he handles various sorts of troubles in their lives. At times, there are serious issues wherein people might feel upset with their life and take severe decisions, particularly if the astrologer spreads a lot of negativity.

However, a decent, experienced astrologer will not say anything that’ll result in disturbance to others. Rather, he’ll deal with the circumstance cooperatively and efficiently to produce the optimal output. So, it is important to look at the nature of the expert prior to the consultation.

5.      Know-how

Astrology is not a myth or fluke. It is basically a science on the basis of which future events can be predicted accurately. In the early years, people have been leveraging this technique to comprehend several life events. An astrology expert helps people to get the solutions to many problems for making their life much more stress-free.

A person can ask questions related to health, career, family, relationships, etc. to the expert. But, not every astrologer can foretell competently.

Questions That People Mostly Ask Astrologers

1.      Money related questions

·       What is the right time to invest?

·       Will I see any improvement in my financial condition?

2.      Travel related questions

·       Will I get a chance to visit any foreign country in the future?

·       Which country is in my destiny?

·       Will my trip be advantageous for me?

3.      Marriage related questions

·       What is the right time for me to get married?

·       Will I be married to the one I love?

·       Will our marital relationship last?

4.      Career-related questions

·       What kind of job should I look for?

·       Which is the most suitable career for me?

·       Should I change my job?

Final Thoughts

Those were all about the best qualities that one should consider when looking to consult an astrologer. Explore more and find the most credible astrologer.

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10 Unique & Funny Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas to Surprise Everyone



Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas


We have been hearing a lot about the environment these days. The world has been suffering from various natural disasters like floods, droughts, tsunamis, and the like and our environment is at risk. Everyone is talking about how we should reduce our carbon footprint to make a difference, but this is a request which is too big for any one individual.

The world is in dire need of change. Environmental problems are at the forefront of our minds. The good news is that awareness about environmental problems is rising and becoming more of a focus. You can be a part of the solution by learning what to buy and what not to buy when gifting. 

In middle east countries like UAE, KSA, Oman,  the harsh effect of changing global weather can be seen. As result of this, people are more aware of the saving nature and reinstating the climate. The rise of eco friendly product usage is the indicator of the changing behaviour or consumers. This also reflects in the corporate worlds. Businesses started purchasing eco friendly gifts from gift supplier in UAE to reduce the carbon footprint and make this world habitable for the future generations. 

This blog post will mention some eco-friendly gift ideas that will be helpful in gifting and consume less carbon footprints.

What does an eco-friendly gift mean?

When you hear the word “eco-friendly,” you may think of a gift that is environmentally friendly. But what does that really mean? It means that the gift is made from sustainable materials, or materials that will not harm the environment or cause harm to the people who make it. So, when you’re shopping for a gift for someone special, don’t just settle for a present that is made from plastic. Instead, find something eco-friendly, like a hand-carved wooden bowl or a bamboo plant. 

#1. Unique eco-friendly gift ideas to surprise everyone

Finding a suitable one in a market full of gifting items is quite tiresome. And when you are finding a gift item which is again needed to be eco-friendly, it becomes more laborious. Here are a few unique eco-friendly gifts which provide both sustainability and also, on the other hand, leave less carbon footprint. Thus gifting any such item would be a more excellent idea.

(a) Wheat Straw Dinnerware Sets 

This multi-coloured dinnerware set is a unique gift item. It can be easily used as microwavable and freezer safe. The whole set containing bowls, cups, and plates is a fashionable and cool element for dinner parties or get-togethers. Gifting this item would definitely be unique in itself.

(b) Project Eco21 Eco-Friendly Products Gift Set

This particular gift is a bundle of eco-friendly goods packed together, best for a gifting item for an environment lover. It consists of reusable cotton pads, a laundry bag, bamboo cotton buds, and a reusable storage box. Thus, it’s a complete eco-friendly gift that benefits the plant-based resources to the user, i.e. the recipient of the present. 

(c) Boshiho RFID Blocking Cork Wallet

It is a unique funky gift item for gifting father, brother, or male friends on special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, and many more. Since its made up of compressed cork material, it weighs lighter than leather bags. However, it also comprises quick access ID windows, six credit card pockets, two currency pockets, and two hidden card slots, making it no less in comparison to the leather ones. Moreover, its slim texture and eco-friendly touch make it an excellent idea for gifting and self-using purposes.

(d) Xanitize Fleece Refills for Swiffer Hand Duster 

This is one such item which many of us don’t know about! We tend to dust the particles with a hand broom or probably a brush, which as a result, releases lots of dust particles in the air. And the one who uses it, generally suffers from sneezing or coughing. But the Xanitize Fleece Refills made of fleece attract the dust particles towards it and are easily washable. This can be thus repeatedly used and doesn’t even leave the dust particles to clog your nostrils. Gifting one such item would be eco-friendly and would be very much helpful for the recipient.

(e) Aromatherapy Essential Oil Leather Diffuser Bracelet

Who doesn’t want unique gifts for eco-friendly girls in their lives? Be it their sister, their friends, or mothers, every woman cherishes the gifts given by their loved ones. And when it comes to accessories, every woman knows how to ace their fashion game with unique and trendy picks. One such cool accessory will be the Aromatherapy essential oil leather diffuser bracelet, which comes with four flavours of fragrances and will be an extraordinary gift for any woman. This is also eco-friendly as it can be re-filled many times and can be used as per your choice.

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#2. Funny eco-friendly gifts ideas 

Gifts are one such thing, which carries the meaning within it. Whom are you giving? Why are you giving? These questions constantly run in our minds while selecting a gifting item. And when the person is our friend, we tend to find something which will immediately bring a smile to the person’s face. So here comes the role of fun eco-friendly gifts, which will do the same work for the recipient and also be perfect for Mother Earth. Here are some eco-friendly gift ideas which you may know of or not but will surely be funny enough to try while gifting someone.

(a) Toilet Timer by Katamco 

Have you ever heard of one such toilet timer? I guess, no! Many of us spend a considerable amount of time inside the toilet, creating a rumpus outside for the people who are deliberately waiting for their turn. And this amount of time spent here also goes into total waste, and along with it comes numbness in our legs. So in such a situation, this toilet timer by Katamco is perfect for reminding you that 5 minutes have already passed. This unique sand timer is the best gift for father’s day, Christmas or any such event, and while you are gifting this, recall the moments and have a mouth full of laughter together.

(b) Mulling Spices Stovetop Simmering Potpourri 

Mulling Spices Stovetop Simmering Potpourri is an eco-friendly item, packaged using recyclable and post-consumer paper and cork. It contains mulled spices from the California farms. To use it for aromatherapy, boil two bowls of water and enjoy an aromatherapy session of more than 6 hours.

(d) Terra Futura Bamboo Toothbrush 

A single look at this product will surely tell us that this gifting item will be unique and eco-friendly. Though many would think that how can toothbrushes be a gifting item? Well, of course, it can be a unique gifting item as it will make aware you more to stay away from plastic and will be beneficial for your health.

(e) Eco-Friendly Safety Razor 

Silky smooth skin is what every girl dream of but shaving with blades gives us rashes and causes irritation. So in such cases, this rose gold razor comes with recyclable packaging, avoiding the plastic and is paired with safety metal razors. Moreover, the improved smooth head of the razor gives a smooth finish to your skin and doesn’t irritate.

(f) Eco-Friendly Suede Yoga Mats

Yoga is essential for today’s busy and fast life. But the majority of the time, we start doing yoga without proper equipment or mats, but this is not a healthier option. Thus, suede TPE yoga mats are one of the most eco-friendly items. These mats are non-toxic and made of degradable materials, which are excellent for performing yoga.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post on eco-friendly gift ideas. Whether you are looking for ramadan gift ideas or for diwali, always prefer environment friendly gifts to save our mother nature. We know that many people want to buy eco-friendly products and gift them to others. We hope that this list of eco-friendly gift ideas will help you succeed in doing so. Please comment, share, and let us know what you think in the comments! Thank you for reading, we would love to hear from you!

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