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The Top 10 Cleaning Franchise Businesses in India for 2021

Purchasing a Cleaning Franchise in India is low-cost and offers a quick return on investment. A new company owner will require cleaning materials as well as a desire to learn from a franchisor.

Cleaning Franchise Businesses in India

The best cleaning franchises in India provide their franchise partners with an established marketing plan. Operational and training materials, and ongoing assistance. Cleaning franchises differ in terms of the services they provide, as well as their scope and format.

This industry is all Laundry and dry cleaning, clothing mending, water tank cleaning services in Delhi, carpet cleaning, pest control, and other services. Choose your favourite franchise from the Top 10 list below:


Chem-Dry is the largest carpet cleaning business in the world. As well as one of the most cost-effective cross-franchise possibilities available. Since 1987, our Master Franchisees have been building Chem-Dry in the global market. The advantages of launching a Master Franchise go beyond effective cleaning for enterprises considering it. 


India’s first automated water tank cleaning service provider is GD Water Consult, a Delhi School of Advance Studies Pvt Ltd division.

It cleans water tanks in residential, commercial, and industrial settings with specifically developed mechanisms that keep most of the water in the tanks.


Starhawk Laundry is one of the quickest increasing launderette brands in North India, with plans to expand across the country. We now have about 20+ Outlets that process close to 1 tonne of cargo every day. Our cutting-edge soft wash technology, along with our highly skilled workforce.

Offers the ideal combination for commercial success across several countries. 


In Vadodara, ITEM Secure Pvt. Ltd. offers the best pest control and termite solutions. We are a separate business associated with Pestcone Pest Control Services that provide long-term pest and insect control solutions throughout India. 


We’re creating India’s first organised laundromats (laundry shops) dedicated to promoting the DIY (Do It Yourself) culture at UClean. With technology at its core, UClean also allows time-pressed customers to take advantage of pick-and-drop service from the convenience of their own home or workplace.


German Laundry is a well-known name in the dry-cleaning industry. We ensure customers receive the highest quality support and service via our dedication to quality, individualised services, continuous investment in technology, team member training, and increased customer focus. 


iCleaners is based on a foundation of honesty, reliability, and excellent service ethics and is driven by a passion for perfection and a desire to enhance our quality every day. We provide housekeeping services that are professional, environmentally friendly, effective, efficient, and cost-effective. 


With unique retail shops across Mumbai and Delhi-NCR, Pressto is an internationally known and respected brand in the field of wardrobe care.

It including cleaning, mending, and restoring clothing, shoes, bags, upholstery, leather, and accessories. Pressto operates as Cleaning Services in Delhi.

In India through its master franchisee, Press2 Drycleaning and Laundry Pvt Ltd.

which is presently growing the Pressto network across Maharashtra and Delhi/NCR using a franchise-owned company-operated (FOCO) business model.


Water tank cleaning services, industrial water tank cleaning services.

Commercial water tank cleaning services are provided by Easy Tank Clean in Jaipur, Rajasthan.


We do all of your daily Laundry and dry cleaning.

So you can spend your time doing what you truly want to accomplish. And come to your house or office and pick it up and return it for free.

We can handle personal Laundry such as shirts, tops, trousers, and skirts and household goods such as bedding, table linen, and towels. 

A thorough, deep cleaning is critical to keeping your employees healthy and preventing the spread of the current infection. To avoid the transmission of disease, complete cleaning of the entire workplace is essential.

An establishment opportunity that has demonstrated its drawn out progress is business cleaning.

Business structures like workplaces, lodgings, medical clinics, arenas, eateries, vehicle sales centers, cinemas and the rundown goes on, should be cleaned consistently.

We’re looking at cleaning administrations that are required for quite.

While, after a seemingly endless amount of many months, after quite a long time after year. That is surely a chance for consistent, versatile income for your new cleaning organization.

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