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Tips and ideas for learning how to draw a rose

draw a rose

Tips and ideas for learning how to draw a rose. The art of drawing and reproducing the world around you from your perspective is a real gift and pleasure. For some, this is no problem. For others, it is a great challenge, the result of which is not at all satisfactory. If, by chance, you fall into the second category, don’t worry (everyone has their faults). It is still possible to master the techniques and tips to achieve a nice simple drawing. We advise you to start with a less complex object for enthusiasts: for example, a flower. Using the tutorials and tips below, we’ll show you how to draw a rose.

Learn to draw a rose easy, open or closed

In general, when you draw a rose, you can choose between two variants: an open rose or a closed rose. Either way, the key elements that we will try to reproduce remain the same: petals, the center of the rose, leaves, thorns, and stems. At first, it’s normal to find the mission to recreate all the beauty of a real rose a little difficult, but after a few tries, the situation improves. To boost your motivation, you can keep in your mind inspiring and drawing ideas.

How to draw an easy rose in an open version

draw a rose

We will start our journey into the art world with a tutorial that is easy as pie. You will only need a white sheet of paper and a black pencil. To make it easier for you, use the detailed illustration below:

  1. The first step: make a small spiral in the center of the paper.
  2. Then, we will extend the curve to bypass the spiral. Thus, we will get the heart of the rose.
  3. Then, we draw another curve starting again from the middle of the upper and lower parts of the heart of the rose.
  4. Now, we will repeat the previous step, finishing with two curves imitating the petal of the rose.
  5. Draw another petal on the right side. Go around the petal by a second curve.
  6. Draw a petal on the left side. Go down a little to draw another petal.
  7. To complete the drawing, draw two leaves, as in figure 8.

Easy rose drawing step by step: closed or semi-open rose

Here is another idea for an easy rose drawing: closed or semi-open rose. The production technique is a little similar to the previous model. We always start by drawing a spiral and continue to circle the spiral 2.3 times. Next, we outline the lower part of the rose. Next step: we draw two lines on the left and right sides. Draw a petal on each side of the rose. Now you have to link the petals with the lower part. You can leave the rose like this or add some petals on both sides to create an open rose effect. Want to experiment with a tree design drawing? Would you please read our article How to draw a tree to master the easiest techniques?

Draw a red rose in a closed version

If you want to make a pretty romantic rose, we show you below an easy drawing template in a closed version. To start:

  1. Draw an oval.
  2. Make a vertical curve on each side of the oval and continue until you assemble the two curves to imitate the shape of a vase.
  3. Draw a small petal and a larger one on the other side.

To give a more realistic effect, draw the inside of the rose using a curve, a small vertical line, and a horizontal line. Add some leaves and draw the stem of the rose. We ended up adding a few more leaves to the branch. All you have to do is color your drawing.

How to draw a bouquet of watercolor roses

Here is a cool idea for the biggest enthusiast: draw an easy bouquet of roses. To succeed in this task, we use a black pencil, a few brushes, and a kit of watercolor pencils. The realization is roughly similar to the previous techniques: we start by drawing these roses (closed or open), then we try to assemble their stems in a bouquet. Finally, we begin coloring the flowers with the watercolor pencils as follows: we fill the chosen shape with the desired color, tap on the paint with a wet brush, and spread the stains.

Easy pencil drawing of rose with a big heart

Want to surprise your alter ego with a romantic drawing that is easy to reproduce? So, we suggest that you take advantage of your skills already acquired with the help of the previous tutorials and simply add a big heart to the center of your masterpiece. Indeed, the easiest way to create your design is to start by drawing a big heart in the center of the paper. Then add some semi-open roses around it and finally pull the flower leaves. To make the result even prettier, you can use the shadow and light technique.

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