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What Is Reflexology Massage? Why It Is Good For Health?

Reflexology Massage

Several body healing approaches that focus on different parts of the body to make you heal faster and to make your injury better are considered massage. It is a practice of rubbing, kneading, and pressing. During full body relaxing massage therapist exerts pressure at different points on the body to treat the muscles issue and any kind of injury.

Therapists are experts in all types of body massages and know every method and technique to be used in it. Some massages include less pressure and some include high pressure to treat deeper muscles and in some massages therapist massages the whole body whereas in others only a few specific parts need special treatment.

Reflexology body massage is the best kind of massage to restore the natural energy of the body. This massage is the best option for people who are not comfortable being touched on the entire body because in this type of body massage in which pressure is applied to a few points including; ears, hands, and feet.

In most of the massages, you are not allowed to wear clothes but underwear is upon your choice, but in reflexology body massage you can wear loose and comfortable clothing.  Reflexology body massage sessions usually last 30 to 60 minutes and It helps in reducing stress making your body work better and is also known as zone therapy.

Like acupuncture and acupressure, it connects the dots from outside the body to inside. But those therapies include whole body but reflexology body massage just targets few points. This massage therapy is complementary to medical treatment and can be done alongside traditional treatment for any issue.

Reflexology body massage health benefits

  1. Promotes relaxation
  2. Stimulates nervous system
  3. Good for migraines and headache
  4. Better circulation
  5. Boost energy level
  6. Reduce plantar fasciitis pain

Let’s have a look into the detail of these benefits for a better understanding of reflexology body massage and its impact on the body.

Reflexology Massage -2

1.      Promotes relaxation

Reflexology massage is an internally based therapy; it feels like the therapist is working inside you to make you feel relaxed by flooding the neural pathways with relaxation. It also enhances the peace of body and mind leading to stress reduction.

2.      Stimulates the nervous system

The nervous system gets benefits from neural pathways in a variety of ways. The brain handles the input more effectively than before and speeds up cognitive strength. As a result, it increases the physical reaction along with boosting memory.

3.      Good for migraines and headache

With the reflexology body, massage blood flow increases leading to less severity of pain related to migraines and headaches. This massage reduces stress and stress is a leading factor causing headaches and migraines.

4.      Better circulation

One of the most effective results of reflexology body massage is better circulation. It improves the blood flow throughout the body leading to the better and faster provision of nutrients and oxygen.

5.      Boost energy level

When you get a massage from a professional therapist it reduces the stress you might be facing. With the reduced stress level, you feel mentally and physically more active and energetic.

6.      Reduce plantar fasciitis pain

To reduce the pain of plantar fasciitis, professional foot massage is a natural cure. It helps in reducing the pain and use pressure technique to reduce tension.

Expectations from the reflexology session

For better results from reflexology massage, the therapist will ask various questions including; your lifestyle, your diet, any disease or health concern, or any certain condition. The treatment you are going to get will depend upon your answers, either to work on your feet, ear, or hands or the combination of all of these. You can also ask any questions which you have in your mind.

Getting this massage is like a soothing spa session with dim light and soft music. You can have light clothes on you and you will be sitting on a reclining chair or will be on a massage table. They will start a massage session by massaging the creams and oil on your feet by putting moderate pressure by using different techniques to reduce your stress and to calm your body. You can feel the visible difference right after the first session.

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