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What Smoking Does to Your Body

What Smoking Does to Your Body

Are you an avid smoker? Or do you like smoking occasionally after every meal? Whatever it is, you must have heard your loved ones calling you out on this habit of yours almost every time you pick out a cigarette. Well, Thomas Shelby might have made it look cool but it’s your money that is going down the drain even if you have used the cigarette coupons.

While you are in no mood to hear about the harmful effects of cigarettes on your lungs, we are bringing a different twist to this blog. Let’s hear about the all the effects cigarettes have on your body. Maybe get yourself informed before you pick up a cigarette, alright?

Let’s have a look.

Mood Switch

While smoking is known to put you up on an ecstatic mood with its whiff of smoke, it can produce a big impact on your mood. It may not be an addictive drug, but it can get you all energized while you are smoking under the craving. But the real problem arises when you think you are done for the day, and you put the smoke out. The nicotine in the cigarettes make you tired and you wish that you can have another one. Just when you thought you put out the flame is just when the flame starts burning for a growing addiction.

Moreover, you may feel depressed and irritated without a cigarette in your hand. Even withdrawals can become very hard to manage. This is why people rarely quit from smoking and it can become quite the struggle to go through that road.

A Heart Breaker

While you are trying to fix your heart with a cigarette in your hand, you are actually doing the opposite. You think you are mending the pain you feel in your heart by smoking outside your house, but you are actually welcoming a bunch of diseases to attack your heart.

Smoking can cause your veins to restrict themselves that creates room for blood pressure to hit the roof. As time goes on, you will find your heart much weakened than you thought without reaching an older age. You are even vulnerable to a stroke if things go much downhill from there.

A Danger to Your First Line of Defence

Your first line of defence is your skin and smoking can be a stubborn fighter amidst the war. If your smoking has become a bad habit that you cannot escape, then maybe this can change your mind.

You thought only your lungs would get affected with smoking. But if your smoking has gone out of hands (and don’t think it hasn’t gone out of hands yet because if you are thinking then it probably has), then your skin can be the first victim. You might become prone to cancer because nicotine alters the skin structure as well as welcomes fungal infections in nails. Moreover, your bad boy style can soon go out of fashion when the greying and balding of hair hits your persona.

A Bad Track for Your Digestive Tract

Did you think your digestive system would not take a downfall with cigarettes? You are wrong because it is another thing that is quite vulnerable. Let us just assume cancer is an old friend to smoking so it might come as its partner in crime if you are not careful. Yes, the cancer could affect your oesophagus, larynx, or throat.

Your hunger might increase with the nicotine addiction but that is just what you are thinking.  On the contrary, you will lose your desire to eat anything because your taste buds might be too hyped up on nicotine. The sugar levels might get affected with the nicotine causing you to develop diabetes much faster than the people who aren’t fond of smoking. 

Say Goodbye to Dental Hygiene

You thought your teeth will be safe? No, that is also another factor that will be induced due to smoking. You might have noticed how in books; authors describe smokers having yellow teeth? It is not a mere coincidence.

People who have become quite fond of smoking and smoke regularly, they witness their teeth becoming yellow because cigarettes leave stains. Moreover, your teeth suffer as well as you become prone to unwanted tooth infections and decay building up in your gums. It is not a path you want to pick because as far as it is said, root canals can be both expensive and painful.

Final Thoughts

It may seem as if the blog is forcing you to quit but it is not the only ordeal. The smoking can be addictive. The only point is to be informed before you put both of your feet in the puddle. And smoking may be hard to quit but with the proper plan, you can find a way to quit this bad habit.

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