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White hat SEO strategy to rank your website without breaking rules



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White hat SEO strategy 2021

  • White hat SEO strategy is an advertising method used by businesses to improve their website’s ranking in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) while adhering to Google’s guidelines. 
  • Whatever SEO approach you use, keep in mind that it must be allowed by Google.
  • White hat SEO tactics are smarter for website owners who are looking for long-term rewards. 
  • Google’s algorithms are continually being updated to prevent the use of black hat SEO tactics. 
  • If you don’t employ white hat SEO services Delhi tactics for your online content optimization, your website will be banned by Google sooner or later. 
  • Users who employ black hat SEO strategies risk incurring a Google penalty.
  • The Google penalties reduce the ranking of a website and, as a result, traffic as well as ad revenue dramatically. 
  • To summarise, any online content developer should understand white hat SEO and use it sensibly rather than using unethical black hat approaches.

White Hat SEO Techniques to Boost Traffic on your website without breaking rules

If you want to expand your business using white hat SEO techniques, you’ll be able to build a long-term website that pays off.

When specialists discuss what is white hat SEO, they emphasize the following time-tested practices.

Concentrate on improving the user experience.

  • Revitalizing the UX or web design is the ideal technique to deliver top-notch service to the user. 
  • Hiring a professional web designer is recommended for business owners who do not have the time to develop their website. 
  • Keep an eye on the site’s navigation as well. Make sure that the user can navigate the site easily.

Spend time conducting thorough keyword research.

  • One of the fundamental methods of white hat SEO techniques is to use the proper keywords and to do it responsibly. 
  • You can utilize keyword research tools to see which keywords in your business domain have a higher ranking. 
  • Choose a reputable SEO firm if you want experts to conduct keyword research for your website

Use keywords that are relevant to the text.

  • In 2021, one of the most significant white hat SEO methods is to make sure that all of your keywords are relevant to the content. 
  • Google can now easily detect keyword stuffing. RankBrain, Google’s machine-learning-based algorithm, can set the stage for crawlers to find organically used terms.

Include titles and meta descriptions that are keyword-rich.

  • When it comes to white hat SEO, titles and meta descriptions have a lot of clouts. Following recommended practices when writing titles and meta descriptions will help you rank higher in the SERPs. 
  • To increase your SEO, include high-volume keywords naturally in meta descriptions and titles.

The content should be of the highest possible quality.

  • When it comes to white hat SEO tactics, it’s impossible to avoid discussing content optimization. 
  • On-page SEO, which entails writing high-quality content with compelling meta descriptions, can boost traffic to your website significantly. 
  • Another way to employ white hat SEO through content is to create a unique material that persuades the user of your message.

Make material that is long and authoritative.

  • The foundation of current SEO is the creation of high-quality content that benefits readers rather than search engines. 
  • The material supplied must be as precise as feasible to create authoritative content. 
  • External links to websites with high domain authority (DA) would be preferable. 
  • When consumers discover that the material on your website is rich and valuable, search engines reward you with high ranks!

Include descriptive URLs.

  • Your URL structure is used by search engines to gain a general idea of what your content is about. 
  • As a result, URLs should be brief and precise. 
  • They should include information that search engines require about your unique Web pages. 
  • This page, for example, is about white hat SEO. As a result, the page’s URL is created in such a way that it achieves the purpose of informing search engines about the content on the page, which is:

Ensure that internal links are maintained.

  • Internal links assist search engines in better comprehend your website and allow readers to quickly access relevant material on your site. 
  • Internal linking also improves the ranks of the connected pages by transferring link authority to them. This, in turn, aids in the more efficient indexing of your websites by search engines.

Ensure that your images are optimized

  • One of the white hat SEO techniques that several websites overlook is image optimization. However, it has the potential to be pretty significant. 
  • Search engines do not see images in the same way that people do.
  • Google Images is the nation’s second most popular search engine. 
  • Using keyword-rich descriptive alt tags might help Google better grasp the context of your image and, as a result, increase your search engine result page (SERP) ranks.

Another powerful white hat SEO approach is link development.

  • When other websites have hyperlinks connecting to your page, link building occurs, increasing your website’s inbound traffic. 
  • To minimize dilution of page quality, Google strongly warns against doing link building. 
  • Link building services will assist you in locating high-quality links for your outreach and increasing website traffic.

Concentrate on repairing faulty links.

  • This is a White hat SEO strategy tactic used by the underdogs.
  •  In general, link building has a lot of promise, but broken link building is even more so. To begin, locate the Web page from which you wish to obtain a link. 
  • Then, see whether there are any broken links on that page.
  • Finally, if you have a Web page that can replicate the broken link, contact the site’s owner and request that your link be used instead.


It is critical to understand and employ white hat SEO techniques & content writing before constructing a website for brand promotion.

That is the only way to stay afloat in a crowded market when every business is vying for the finest customer service. 

To acquire outstanding ratings, businesses could also use technical SEO strategies like fixing broken links and enhancing loading speed.

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Best Plugins To Start Your WordPress Site in 2022



WordPress Site

You must have once wanted to have your own little corner of the internet. If you did not know by now, WordPress allows you to. Although we are sure that some already knew that. The popularity of WordPress is growing day by day, so almost every third website is created using WordPress. It is a platform characterized by relative ease of use, easy installation, numerous features and extensions, and many other options.

WordPress only started as a blogging system, but it has long since evolved and outgrown that first role. While the benefits can be enumerated endlessly, there are ways you can improve WordPress. Some plugins take everything to a higher level.

WP Force SSL

v5 pEQvUJF0furs8HSLV8ksondlvMKNuUiMKFEAZhkKgOqLx8bdT40 YHVFsjrBThdIC0zP5UAFal8VUfmg9wjiHMeWTgjmifVJCItRwgxDuSzjF uGcZ4Hh1ewi2s GrHCrXFsJoXqnHLsU7A

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a protocol that serves to establish an encrypted connection that is very important for building a reliable environment. When it comes to any business, clients, above all, want the habitat to be well grounded and to feel safe. This way, customers will feel safe when they browse your website.

Suspicious websites are certainly not a foreign phenomenon to us. Assuredly, you have had the opportunity to access insecure and wary websites. To get that security that will attract potential customers, you can install SSL, which you get a guarantee of safety and reliability. The results are there on the spot. Some other benefits are time and financial savings.

WP 301 Redirects

You must have seen a 404 error when trying to visit a website. This WordPress plugin will ensure that your website will not have such problems. 301 Redirects is an automatic redirection plugin to improve your visitor and SEO experience. It helps you create and manage 301, 302, and 307 redirects. The main advantage of this plugin is its ease of use. 301 Redirects is the ideal decision if you have content on a page that stands out for new websites or reorganize old content. It offers the ability to use 404 error logs to help you identify problematic connections.

WP Reset

PEqK YLBw aVmwdbAUswtHYzAsSw8 Ml6njFSP3we6u80KcL7MjW hVlq0KBOE97UBUmefhJmYzLquNtxWhThlRKw2QwhyvKTLWpJ TtHRPjFTQD3H Ym3Qc8sE2lV2LWlNBmfiOzkrENnBSlw

There are times when we want to reset a WordPress database, and we do not know how. And you were wondering that? Then we have the ideal solution for you. The best add-on for resetting the market is WP Reset. This plugin offers the ability to reset the database to default installation values ​​without modifying the files. WP Reset is fast, secure to use, and can delete all content and customizations.

There is the best part to reviewing each plugin. You must be wondering which part is the best here. You can’t accidentally lose data using WP Reset because it comes with multiple fail-safe mechanisms. It can be helpful for developers of themes and add-ons.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro

vbyKPchvH0EW42MyDNaExdaNzLxMhzBOd7kcGc5Jj8dVVbqGi 8w

If the shipping options have always deterred you from starting a business, we have a plugin that will allay all your fears. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro is a plugin that helps you set rules, so you can calculate shipping prices for a combination of conditions. When the customer is shopping online, they do not really want to spend so much money on ready-to-deliver items. Using this plugin will save you the time you would otherwise spend copying and pasting order information into fulfillment software. This plugin integrates directly into your WooCommerce dashboard. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro ensures you have everything you need in one place.


By using WordPress, your possibilities are limitless. Especially if you are ready to make it easier for yourself and start using some plugins. In this list, we have singled out plugins that are considered to be one of the best on the market. As they help in different segments of WordPress, we are sure there is something for everyone. Good luck!

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List of Top 7 Pakistani Bloggers in 2020



Pakistani Bloggers


Pakistan has created many bright people in the last few years because of advancements in the IT industry, and we have also seen many young dynamic people enter the blogging profession via their hard work. 

There are the best selected and the most renowned bloggers of Pakistan who had worked hard and got into the 2022 notable bloggers list.

Did my best to select the most renowned and top bloggers in Pakistan who have worked hard and should be included in the 2022 list of notable Pakistani Bloggers.

For the past several years, blogging has emerged as the fastest-growing career in Pakistan. So, let’s have a look at some of our well-known bloggers that have been included in the 2022 Bloggers list.

Get the idea from, Rolls Royce price in Pakistan.

Syed Moiz Balkhi

Syed Moiz Balkhi is a 31-year-old Pakistani American award-winner entrepreneur who mostly operates online firms in marketing, business, writing blogs, and social media.

He has been published in a variety of major online publications, including Mashable, Yahoo, Huffington Post, and others.

His gross monthly income is USD 25,000 

Taimur Asad 

Taimur Asad is well-known for his site, which focuses on technologies and science, news, and reviews. He makes most of his money comes from AdSense and content marketing.

  • His monthly income is USD 20,000 

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai has successfully operated three blogs and has also established his blogging firm, STC Network. is his most popular blog. He is an SEO consultant and professional digital marketer and blogger. He graduated from NED University and currently resides in Karachi. Also learn about, Duralast Car Battery.

  • The monthly income ranges from USD 5000 to USD 10000.

Shahzaib Ul Hassan

Shahzaib Ul Hassan is a Pakistani Fiverr Community Leader and talented blogger of 2022 from Multan who offers high-quality services in Lahore. He owns and operates four high-quality websites in Pakistan. ShazzSEO is Shahzaib Ul Hassan’s most well-known blog. He is also involved with several projects, including Otrainings, Pakistan Ranking, and Shot.

  • His monthly income is USD 20,000.

Hassam Ahmad 

Hassam Ahmad writes about Blogger Gadgets, WordPress, Search Engine Marketing, and Making Money Online on his site. He is originally from Islamabad. He gives his audience valuable techniques for generating money and finding work online. You also have a backlinks Ebook.

  • His monthly income is USD 5,000.

Muhammad Ismail 

Muhammad Ismail of KPK is an ongoing professional blogger who runs his site, where he discusses product evaluations, the latest news, and the technology inside Android applications, devices, and games, as well as gives delicate answers to Android-related difficulties. He also has a blog named “Ismail Blogger.” He also works as a trainer for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB).

  • His monthly income is USD 1,000.

Ahmad Awais

Ahmad Awais is a professional Pakistani blogger who runs His blog focuses on his Open-Source contribution, business stability, the goods he makes, fitness, and interviews. He also works with advertising businesses like Warid Telecommunication and is quite popular in his blogging career.

  • His monthly income is USD 5,000.
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Why estate agents are prioritizing Local SEO more than Social Media?



Local SEO

Local search engine optimization (SEO) may not generate as much excitement as content marketing or generate as much attention as digital PR, but it should be the most significant marketing channel for some organisations. According to research, local searches account for 46% of all Google searches, demonstrating the massive audience that businesses may tap into, especially businesses like estate agencies. However, many website owners are unaware of the possibilities and hence miss out on reaching customers through local Google SEO. 

Why is Local SEO important

If you have a local client or customer base, local SEO may be beneficial to your business. Local SEO for estate agents allows Google to associate your business with localised searches, emphasising your company as a prominent player in the area. 

This is essentially true when you are looking for digital marketing for estate agents to better the reach of your estate agency. Local SEO, on the other hand, is more than simply a technique of linking your business to local customers; it’s also a way of connecting your business to geographical areas. For example, if you owned an estate agency, you’d want to be found by anyone wanting to buy or rent a home in your neighbourhood or service area. You want to be found if they’re seeking an estate agency near their selected venue, regardless of whether they’re local or not.

We have listed the best way to do local SEO for estate agents as it is amazingly beneficial when compared to going for Google ads

How to make your website local search friendly

So, what exactly is local SEO? Here are four techniques to improve your local SEO strategy and raise business presence in your neighbourhood.

1. Make improvements to your Google My Business profile.

One of the most important tools for local SEO is Google My Business (GMB). Although a profile cannot replace a website, it is an important part of any local SEO plan because it may assist increase traffic, leads, and sales. Do some keyword research on your industry before developing your Google My Business profile, and make sure your business name accurately defines what the company does. Adding “estate agents & letting agents” to an estate agent’s business name, for example, will assist Google and users in understanding what you do and increase your chances of ranking for those terms.

GMB offers a message service, analytics data, and call logging, and Google is pouring a lot of resources into it. Google’s capabilities are always being updated, and the tool is becoming more powerful year after year.

Here are some Google recommendations for managing your profile for better local SEO results:

Make sure to portray your company honestly and consistently both online and offline, for example, by keeping all branding and signage similar.

Your company’s information must be correct and detailed. If you serve a certain area, be as specific as possible about the many areas where you can perform your services.

Previously, it was thought that the more information you provided, the better; however, Google recently said that using fewer, key categories to define your organisation is preferable.

To prevent misleading Google on Maps and Search, businesses should only have one profile per business on GMB.

2. Avoid content that is off-topic or irrelevant.

Furthermore, make sure the content and issues mentioned are relevant to your business when posting updates on your GMB or responding to reviews.

When changing material, keep the following in mind for local SEO:

When uploading changes to GMB, make sure they’re high-quality and free of spelling errors, gimmicks, and automated or distracting content.

Offensive, divisive, explicit, sexually suggestive, or vulgar movies, images, or language should be avoided, according to Google, which encourages all businesses to be courteous.

Links are incredibly valuable for SEO, which is why you should only link to websites that you trust, with links to malware, viruses, phishing, or pornographic material being prohibited.

You can publish if your firm deals with regulated goods and services, but you can’t post anything about the products themselves.

  1. Reviews

According to Hubspot statistics, 73 percent of customers trust a company after reading great reviews. As a result, favourable evaluations increase website traffic, which boosts your SEO position, resulting in a positive feedback loop.

Encourage current and prior clients to leave feedback after utilising your services or products to begin boosting your GMB profile’s review count. Remember that a customer must have a Google account/email address in order to leave a review on GMB.

Frequently update online directories

Although the Yellow Pages may appear to be a remnant of a bygone era, internet directories are an essential component of any local SEO plan.

By ensuring that business listings on sites like Yelp, Yell, and Thomson Local match up with one another and the company’s Google My Business profile, businesses are sending a signal to Google that the information is correct, increasing the likelihood of appearing for local queries.

Updating these directories is critical, as evidenced by the coronavirus pandemic that has impacted how many firms work in recent years. Customers will be confused by inconsistent information, which may lead them to a competitor.

Don’t overlook user experience and content.

The finest local SEO strategy must prioritise user experience; a superb Google My Business profile will not generate leads if users are sent to a page where they are unable to convert.

Aa a local estate agency for example, might have a “book a viewing” button on their Google My Business profile to allow users to convert swiftly. The chances of converting are likely to be diminished by just adding links to the website and forcing people to navigate through multiple pages.

Similarly, any page to which the user is directed must speak authoritatively about the company’s products or services. Look at keyword research and competitors while generating content to see what kinds of topics customers want to hear about so they don’t go elsewhere after you’ve gone to all that trouble to attract them to your website in the first place.

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