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Why Stargirl is the Most Relatable Streaming Comic Today



Why Stargirl is the Most Relatable Streaming Comic

It seems as though a new show about superhero pops up on TV and on streaming services every few months. Shows like Smallville and Supernatural paved the way for popularity of comics and their mainstream portrayal in episode format.

In 2018, DC’s Stargirl, created by Geoff Johns, came onto the teenage superhero scene, with a satisfying premise and a refreshed look. What’s most notable about DC’s Stargirl is how relatable the show is to any regular teenager, even kids who are not especially invested in the DC world of comics.

In recent television history, numerous shows portrayed both superheroes and villains as young, relatable characters with lives that don’t always eclipse their fantasy world. However, here’s why Stargirl really nails this concept, and why the characters on this show are more relatable and interesting than the teenage superhero’s on other comic-inspired shows.

1. Teenage Social Woes

At first glance, before we understand where Courtney Whitmore’s superpowers lie, we get a glimpse of a young, carefree high school girl with a relatable family history and humble roots. If that doesn’t catch the attention of newly loyal teenage viewers, what will? Beyond her relatable teenage persona, it’s Courtney’s initial struggle to fit in that really seize the spotlight.

Having been uprooted from her close-knit group of friends in California and forced to move with her mom and stepfather to a new town and state, Courtney finds it difficult to fit in at school. She has a run-in with the school’s mean girl on her first day, and she is forced to defend a social outcast, which further ruins her chances at fitting in.

2. The Desire to Lead

Sure, Courtney Whitmore is the lead female superhero in DC’s Stargirl, but she is a star in her own right. This is true, even in terms of normal teenage girl feats.
Before she began fighting for the Justice Society of America, she had a rich history as a budding gymnast. She is also a blue belt in Karate.

Once she gained her superpowers, Courtney reforms and reboots The Justice Society of America, once again displaying relatable leadership and drive.

3. Family Issues

If high school drama and the innate desire to do something important in life isn’t relatable enough to the average viewer, Stargirl’s characters experience a slew of family issues. The challenges range from getting used to a new family dynamic to rebelling against traditional and religious parents, and ultimately seeking to be understood by loved ones.

Courtney herself has to get used to a new stepparent, all while she struggles to understand why she was abandoned by her father. Meanwhile, her best friend struggles with her parents’ uptight Catholic viewpoints and is not able to fit in at home as well as in school.

DC’s Stargirl is based on a comic, but it may just as soon be considered a teen drama show. Even if the superhero theme does not appeal to a viewer, it is likely that they would enjoy and become invested in this show.

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Choosing girls’ clothes is not an easy matter, because we know that, with the diversity of designs, garments and others, the task of choosing their wardrobe is difficult. In addition, factors such as age, the climate where we live, the space in which they develop and the activities they carry out, are conditions that make us think even more, since we always want them to look good and feel comfortable.

But there are certain garments that, as moms, we want our daughters to have, as well as being timeless, these are the dresses! 

That is why today, thinking that your daughter always looks like a princess, we are going to leave you some tips that will be of great help when choosing the best dress.

Always make sure of their comfort! 

It is recommended that when you go to buy any type of dress for your daughter you take it with you, in this way you can try on each garment and ensure that the size is appropriate, that the style is of her preference and that she feels comfortable. In addition to this, you must take into account other factors such as:

  1. According to the fabric

Remember that this factor depends on the geographical area in which you are, and the occasion to use it. However, the most frequent fabrics and with which our daughters will feel comfortable are:

  • Vegetable fiber such as cotton is obviously the best, since it is a hypoallergenic texture.
  • Linen is easier to wash and is resistant to sunlight.
  • Silk, although it is a slightly more expensive fabric, is durable and of very good quality. 
  • Satin is a staple for evening prom dresses and wedding dresses because of its beautiful drape and lustrous feel. Upholstery. One of satan’s earliest uses in Europe was for decorative furniture in the Palace of Versailles, and satin is still used for pillow coverings, chairs, and other types of cushioned furniture.

Finally, keep in mind that both the dresses for big girls and the dresses for little girls are usually designed differently and according to the needs and activities that they normally practice. Likewise, we recommend that you do not try to impose your tastes on your daughter, you can clearly advise her, but try to let her make the decision as this will strengthen the development of her personality, it will also make these types of experiences enriching for parents and girls . 

2. According to design

To begin, we want to tell you that, today, there are endless models and forms of girls’ dresses that we can choose for our daughters, without neglecting their taste. Some of them are:

  • Dresses with body: They are the best and most comfortable when they are between 3 and 24 months. These can be used in any type of weather.
  • Type clad jumpsuit : are ideal when at the stage where you jump, run and play. Perfect to discover what surrounds them!
  • Planter-type dresses: It is a classic that will never go out of style. Being a straight garment, it will allow them to move without any problem. In addition, they are ideal for any age and climate.
  • High-waisted dresses: They are recommended for girls between 11 and 13 years old, at this age, they begin to form their personality and mark their style, therefore, this garment will allow them to play and try new things.

As for elegant dresses for girls , we recommend that you use these only for special occasions such as a marriage, a birthday party, a first communion, among others.

It is important that, in the stage where it is the mothers who choose their look , we help them identify what they like, what color suits them best, and the right dress for each occasion. 

3. According to the colors 

Here we advise you to try with your daughter. Dare to explore together! For example, today, blue and green tones are a perfect combination for girls’ dresses . Additional, there are others such as:

  • The integral of a single tone in bright colors or light colors are a good choice, as well as being a trend, reflecting joy. The versatility of this garment will allow your daughter to play or jump, without fear that her dress will rise.
  • The blue dresses with boleros are not just for big girls, the smaller Well also look great with them! 
  • The pink dresses with combinations clearly can make you look like your elegant daughter, and a touch of glamor without losing sweetness and tenderness.
  • Pink dressed in white never go out of fashion. No matter how old they are, our daughters will look divine.
  • The girl dresses with earthy colors like mustard and white which are perfect for warm weather. Try to match it with a contrasting accessory .

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Social Media

4 Effective Ways to Boost Your Social Media Traffic



Boost Your Social Media Traffic

Businesses use digital marketing tactics, and create and publish content with the purpose of driving traffic to their website. Although, it is important to note that each and every content piece created may not serve the purpose you are trying to accomplish. Driving traffic via social media is the same as efficiently getting traffic in and out of a city. If each roadway acts as a different route of driving traffic to a website, the social media platforms act as a highway structure as it has the potential to drive in the most traffic.

Although it can be tricky to drive people to your website through social media engagement, especially if you have already applied other tactics and have a limited budget. The more traffic you’ll have on your social media platform, the more likely it is that you will be able to generate traffic on your website.

Social media is one of the greatest mediums to reach a massive audience with up to 4.5 billion users worldwide. When used properly, it can be an affordable and effective channel to increase traffic on your site. Although it is important to use the right tactics in order to make sure you are getting the best results. In this article, we’ll mention a few of such tactics so that you can make the most out of social media marketing to target a vast audience.

  • Use visuals to inspire the audience

Although it is said not to judge a book by its cover that may not be applicable here. An aesthetically pleasing visual can help customers make a decisiondecide in your favor. As per a survey conducted by Adobe, content that includes images and other forms of graphically pleasing visuals can drive up to 650% more engagement.

In order tTo make the purchasing decision more viable, it is important to use visual content. Customers are 85% more likely to convert after watching a demo or a product video as compared to reading a text review.

  • Instagram is your friend

Now that we know what type of content appeals to the customers the most, it is important to master the avenue where you can share this type of content. Up to 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day, making it one of the best social media platforms for driving traffic and engaging customers.

There is an ample amount of competition when it comes to social media marketing via Instagram but creating content that will engage the audience can help businesses drive traffic. It is also important to reply to customer messages and comments on Instagram proactively and for that you need to have a reliable internet connection in place. Subscribe to an internet deal that best fits your needs in order to take complete advantage of Instagram.

  • Make sure the post are easily shareable

The best way to drive traffic on your website is to make sure everyone is looking at the content you are sharing, and you can do that by making sure your followers are sharing the content you post on their handles as well. If you are posting blogs, make sure the readers can easily share them on their social media to drive more social media traffic.

You can add a social share button on your blog post and can even prepopulate the sharing window with engaging captions.

  • Interact with your followers

As we mentioned earlier, it is important to stay active on social media platforms so that you can reply to the messages and comments shared by the audience. Replying promptly can help build strong relationships with the audience and can send out a good image of your brand.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned are four of the most effective ways to drive more traffic on your social media handles and inadvertently direct that traffic to your website as well. Some of these tips may require more resources and it can also take some time to see the results after applying some of them but at the end of the day what matters is that you are persistent with your efforts in order to see the best results.

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The Best Summer Beauty Hacks for Aussie Girls



Summer Beauty Hacks

The beautiful land down under. A combination of continent and country truly making all Aussies stand out. The fact that this continent/country is an island is another bonus. But the bonus comes with its own conditions on keeping the girls safe especially during the summer time. 

When I say safe, I do not mean reducing crime rates. Safety here is referred to protecting your skin during this season. Enjoying summer is a given, destroying your skin is a sure probability with the harmful sun rays and heat. Yes, you want to get that tan on, but let’s look at some beauty hacks to keep that skin healthy, beautiful and protected: 

  1. Say No to Stress

Make this summer worthwhile by not allowing stress to get in the way. When you are way too stressed out, your immune system is affected making you increasingly susceptible to bacteria. This can cause precious moisture loss, which is vital to keep that radiant face hydrated and free from breakouts. 

  1. Get Sufficient Rest 

By rest here, I mean sleep. Not only does insufficient sleep led to terrible skin conditions, it can cause ugly dark eyes and eye bags (yikes!). In addition to this, a lack of adequate sleep can also cause rapid aging and elevate stress levels. Better rest up this summer, girl! 

  1. Be Smart with Your Skin

Being an Aussie woman already exposes you to heavy doses of the sun and you have to keep your skin ready. Do your research and find the best skincare brands Australia has to offer. Make sure these brands offer products with sunscreen in it. This can assist in decreasing effects of sun exposure and save your time from the usual beauty routine. 

  1. Moisturize 

I mean, have you not read this at least a million times? Moisturizing your skin is essential for optimum protection during the summer. This will not only keep your skin super hydrated; it prevents water loss and could actually have reversed aging effects in the long run. You will look younger as you get older because you opted to moisturize your skin consistently. I mean ladies, who does not want younger looking skin? 

  1. Eat Right 

Eat food that is fit for the season. There are plenty of foods mother-nature has graciously blessed us with, that can help in fighting off negative effects of summer. These foods may help in providing more protection from UV rays and decrease chances of skin cancer. 

For instance, consume more foods that are rich in antioxidants, such as citrus fruits, pomegranates and cherries. Add in some nuts for a snack with green tea along with an occasional meal of Swiss brown mushrooms and salmon to get your sufficient antioxidant intake. 

  1. Utilize Essential Oils 

Using oils is a popular hack used by most Aussie women during the summer. Particularly, coconut oil. Coconut oil is not just your average natural skin moisturizer, it is also a good cleanser and make up remover. Moreover, if you want to avoid those unwarranted breakouts this season, I would suggest tea tree oil, which is known for preventing breakouts and even get rid of existing pimples with just a few drops. 

Get ready for that stunning summer glow once you have followed these beauty hacks! 

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