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Which wireless security camera is best for surveillance?

wireless security camera

If you are thinking about installing wireless security camera for the security of your homes and offices, then you should go for it because wireless security cameras that are also called CCTV cameras are useful for detecting any unwanted activity or crime before it happens to alert the right person to take action on it before time. In today’s world, wireless security cameras have the highest demand because they have low-cost installation and no need to run the cameras with expensive video cables. It is easy to use, flexible in nature, can be accessed conveniently, and provides a wide range of internet connections, and help to stream videos over the internet.

So now want to tell you about the zumimall camera, it is best for home and outdoor securities and a top-selling product which means these mini cameras are popular amongst its users. It comes up with the latest technology that provides easy installation at homes or offices for the security of their systems.

Key features of Zumimall Wireless Security cameras

Here are the salient features of the Zumimall cameras that are provided to the users are mentioned below:
Only Compatible with 2.4 WiFi connection: Zumimall Wireless security cameras don’t compatible with the 5G WiFi connection. It just only supports the 2.4G WiFi connections.

Easy to install:

Zumimall cameras are easy to install you can place them anywhere either home or office. After installing it anywhere (tables, walls, chairs, etc.) make sure you have pressed on the button rotating it counterclockwise to record the monitoring area.

Its wireless camera system:

It is totally wire-free camera. It does not need any long or expensive extension cable because it comes up with 2 antennas that provide a stronger connection of 2.4 GHz and covers all the areas of your house.

Waterproof cameras:

Zumimall cameras are waterproof because of their solar panel technology that the camera reliable and durable and p[rotects it from all types of seasons.

Working Consistency with Alexa:

Its wireless security camera system is also correspondent with the Alexa.
High tech technology: Zumimall wireless cameras provide the best digital system. In which it transmits audio and videos with high radio frequencies.

Two-way communication system with remote access:

It helps to make communication possible between the invited and uninvited people at your home. It allows you to share the camera over WiFi with your family members.

PIR Technology and Alerts:

It’s PIR sensors that allow the camera to capture the motions of humans only. When it captures any unwanted activity. It makes you alert by sending you the message on your phone and that makes it easy to check the unknown things.

How to download Zumimall wireless zs-gx1s security camera application and troubleshoot

Zumimall wireless zs-gx1s security camera provides a security system for your homes and for your commercial areas. It captures every single movement in your area whether it’s day or night. It is waterproof supports the night vision and store every captured movement to your SD card or in the cloud storage for future purposes.

To set up your camera properly the first step is you have to install zumimall camera app
The CloudEdge app is the app for Zumimall camera and when the camera is connected to the app. It sends signals and visuals to your phone.
To add the camera app to your mobile phone. The first step is to insert a micro SD card in the slot of the camera to record the video of any unwanted movement. The SD card in the wireless cameras provides 128GB of storage.
Then press the power button and wait until the camera is on. If it doesn’t start then it means it does not charge. In that case, use your adapter.
Then set up the WiFi connection and for that, you have to place the camera away from your router 1-3 feet for your mobile phone.

Troubleshoot for Zumimall wireless security camera

Users have faced some issues after buying the Zumimall camera, so here are the tips to solve your problem.

Q1: What if I did not get any alarm notification in the app?

A1: If you are not getting any alarm notification in the app then open the phone settings and turn on the CloudEdge notification.

Q2: What to do if the camera fails to record the alarm video?

A2: In that case, maybe you did not install the SD card in your camera. Then, install the SD card in the card slot of the camera that is up to 128GB.

Q3: What should I do if my camera is not able to connect with the network connection?

A3: Then make sure your username and password are correct. If it’s correct then check the WiFi connection, because it doesn’t support a 5G connection. It supports only a 2.4G connection.

NOTE: You can also read the zumimall zs-gx1s manual for more troubleshooting for your Zumimall camera.

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