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Your Device is Missing Important Security and Quality Fixes

Important Security and Quality Fixes

Windows 10 users get their system updates regularly. Despite them, some users are having an error message popping up onto their updating page. That error reads “Your device is missing important security and quality fixes”. Most of the time, these errors are here to give you a reminder that you have to install all the important updates, but the main problem here is that people are getting this same error even after updating their system. And them system will keep showing you that there are important updates even when there are no more updates.

    This error can happen if the window update has been installed incompletely. Here are some logical ways to deal with these kind of problematic situations.

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You Have to Uninstall and Reinstall the Windows

If the problem appears due to the installation of the window update then you have to reinstall the update again after uninstalling it. Here’s how to do it.

•  Before doing anything else you have to press “Window” and “R”.

• Now, press the option of “view installed updates”.

• Update KB4100347 or KB4457128, select one from both of these.

• Now, click uninstall, look for the screen instructions if they are available and then follow them.

• After that, hold the window button for a little time and suddenly press I.

•press “update and security” button.

• Look for updates if there are available any.

If your device is missing security and quality fixes, after this method the issue should resolve.

Changings in Telemetry Level

You can’t be sure if it’s a bug or Microsoft’s doing, But if your Telemetry level is set to security only then cumulative updates will not be delivered. You kind of have to change the Telemetry level to anything except security only and it will probably solve your issue and your problem or missing security and quality fixes will be resolved.

• After holding the window key press R. and press enter.

• Now type gpedit.msc.

• Follow the following path, Computer Configuration to Administrative Templates to Windows Components to Data Collection, and then Preview Builds from the left side.

• Find the Telemetry option from the right side and after that double click the allow option.

• Now select enable option.

• Select something from the drop-down menu just make sure it isn’t set to security only.

• click the option of ok.

Resetting Your Pc

The very first of all you have to open your settings and the go into the section of security and update. In the left side click on recovery. Under the “reset my pc” option, click on “get started”, and then click “get my files”.


You have to check services because they might be a reason behind your device’s missing security and quality fixes.

After pressing the window and R key, you have to type services.mcs and click on enter. If you find any error or something fishy like “Stop update 10 Guard”, then disable it then and there.

At last save the changes after applying.

There are some other things that you can do if you have missing security and quality fixes on your device:

  1. If your Windows are corrupted then you have to repair and restore them.
  2. You can even download the most latest Servicing Stack Update if your device does not show necessary security and quality fixes.


The problem of missing security and quality fixes is not basically happening to most of the Window 10 users. Other Window users have to face this major issue. If you follow these methods then your issue of missing security and quality fixes will sort out.

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