We have been hearing a lot about the environment these days. The world has been suffering from various natural disasters like floods, droughts, tsunamis, and the like and our environment is at risk. Everyone is talking about how we should reduce our carbon footprint to make a difference, but this is a request which is too big for any one individual.

The world is in dire need of change. Environmental problems are at the forefront of our minds. The good news is that awareness about environmental problems is rising and becoming more of a focus. You can be a part of the solution by learning what to buy and what not to buy when gifting. 

In middle east countries like UAE, KSA, Oman,  the harsh effect of changing global weather can be seen. As result of this, people are more aware of the saving nature and reinstating the climate. The rise of eco friendly product usage is the indicator of the changing behaviour or consumers. This also reflects in the corporate worlds. Businesses started purchasing eco friendly gifts from gift supplier in UAE to reduce the carbon footprint and make this world habitable for the future generations. 

This blog post will mention some eco-friendly gift ideas that will be helpful in gifting and consume less carbon footprints.

What does an eco-friendly gift mean?

When you hear the word “eco-friendly,” you may think of a gift that is environmentally friendly. But what does that really mean? It means that the gift is made from sustainable materials, or materials that will not harm the environment or cause harm to the people who make it. So, when you’re shopping for a gift for someone special, don’t just settle for a present that is made from plastic. Instead, find something eco-friendly, like a hand-carved wooden bowl or a bamboo plant. 

#1. Unique eco-friendly gift ideas to surprise everyone

Finding a suitable one in a market full of gifting items is quite tiresome. And when you are finding a gift item which is again needed to be eco-friendly, it becomes more laborious. Here are a few unique eco-friendly gifts which provide both sustainability and also, on the other hand, leave less carbon footprint. Thus gifting any such item would be a more excellent idea.

(a) Wheat Straw Dinnerware Sets 

This multi-coloured dinnerware set is a unique gift item. It can be easily used as microwavable and freezer safe. The whole set containing bowls, cups, and plates is a fashionable and cool element for dinner parties or get-togethers. Gifting this item would definitely be unique in itself.

(b) Project Eco21 Eco-Friendly Products Gift Set

This particular gift is a bundle of eco-friendly goods packed together, best for a gifting item for an environment lover. It consists of reusable cotton pads, a laundry bag, bamboo cotton buds, and a reusable storage box. Thus, it’s a complete eco-friendly gift that benefits the plant-based resources to the user, i.e. the recipient of the present. 

(c) Boshiho RFID Blocking Cork Wallet

It is a unique funky gift item for gifting father, brother, or male friends on special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, and many more. Since its made up of compressed cork material, it weighs lighter than leather bags. However, it also comprises quick access ID windows, six credit card pockets, two currency pockets, and two hidden card slots, making it no less in comparison to the leather ones. Moreover, its slim texture and eco-friendly touch make it an excellent idea for gifting and self-using purposes.

(d) Xanitize Fleece Refills for Swiffer Hand Duster 

This is one such item which many of us don’t know about! We tend to dust the particles with a hand broom or probably a brush, which as a result, releases lots of dust particles in the air. And the one who uses it, generally suffers from sneezing or coughing. But the Xanitize Fleece Refills made of fleece attract the dust particles towards it and are easily washable. This can be thus repeatedly used and doesn’t even leave the dust particles to clog your nostrils. Gifting one such item would be eco-friendly and would be very much helpful for the recipient.

(e) Aromatherapy Essential Oil Leather Diffuser Bracelet

Who doesn’t want unique gifts for eco-friendly girls in their lives? Be it their sister, their friends, or mothers, every woman cherishes the gifts given by their loved ones. And when it comes to accessories, every woman knows how to ace their fashion game with unique and trendy picks. One such cool accessory will be the Aromatherapy essential oil leather diffuser bracelet, which comes with four flavours of fragrances and will be an extraordinary gift for any woman. This is also eco-friendly as it can be re-filled many times and can be used as per your choice.

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#2. Funny eco-friendly gifts ideas 

Gifts are one such thing, which carries the meaning within it. Whom are you giving? Why are you giving? These questions constantly run in our minds while selecting a gifting item. And when the person is our friend, we tend to find something which will immediately bring a smile to the person’s face. So here comes the role of fun eco-friendly gifts, which will do the same work for the recipient and also be perfect for Mother Earth. Here are some eco-friendly gift ideas which you may know of or not but will surely be funny enough to try while gifting someone.

(a) Toilet Timer by Katamco 

Have you ever heard of one such toilet timer? I guess, no! Many of us spend a considerable amount of time inside the toilet, creating a rumpus outside for the people who are deliberately waiting for their turn. And this amount of time spent here also goes into total waste, and along with it comes numbness in our legs. So in such a situation, this toilet timer by Katamco is perfect for reminding you that 5 minutes have already passed. This unique sand timer is the best gift for father’s day, Christmas or any such event, and while you are gifting this, recall the moments and have a mouth full of laughter together.

(b) Mulling Spices Stovetop Simmering Potpourri 

Mulling Spices Stovetop Simmering Potpourri is an eco-friendly item, packaged using recyclable and post-consumer paper and cork. It contains mulled spices from the California farms. To use it for aromatherapy, boil two bowls of water and enjoy an aromatherapy session of more than 6 hours.

(d) Terra Futura Bamboo Toothbrush 

A single look at this product will surely tell us that this gifting item will be unique and eco-friendly. Though many would think that how can toothbrushes be a gifting item? Well, of course, it can be a unique gifting item as it will make aware you more to stay away from plastic and will be beneficial for your health.

(e) Eco-Friendly Safety Razor 

Silky smooth skin is what every girl dream of but shaving with blades gives us rashes and causes irritation. So in such cases, this rose gold razor comes with recyclable packaging, avoiding the plastic and is paired with safety metal razors. Moreover, the improved smooth head of the razor gives a smooth finish to your skin and doesn’t irritate.

(f) Eco-Friendly Suede Yoga Mats

Yoga is essential for today’s busy and fast life. But the majority of the time, we start doing yoga without proper equipment or mats, but this is not a healthier option. Thus, suede TPE yoga mats are one of the most eco-friendly items. These mats are non-toxic and made of degradable materials, which are excellent for performing yoga.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post on eco-friendly gift ideas. Whether you are looking for ramadan gift ideas or for diwali, always prefer environment friendly gifts to save our mother nature. We know that many people want to buy eco-friendly products and gift them to others. We hope that this list of eco-friendly gift ideas will help you succeed in doing so. Please comment, share, and let us know what you think in the comments! Thank you for reading, we would love to hear from you!

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