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You will get all of the necessary tests in the full body checkup, which will detect any underlying disease. Read this article to know more about this

Nearly most of us frequently make this great mistake of not going for a full body health checkup. Some people may not understand how treasurable “good health” actually is, and that is why they are making this unfortunate mistake. There are a number of diseases which do not cause a single symptom in the early stage and then cause serious damage to the body at the last stages. 

Here are the major 5 reasons why you should not skip a full body checkup.   

5 primary reasons to go the checkup: 

  • A full body health checkup contains several tests which helps to examine your whole body thoroughly. It will help you and your doctor by detecting any little issue in your body. 
  • We all know that the number of visits to the hospital increases as we grow old, but disease does not wait for the age, it can affect you at any time of the lifespan. Which is why it is important to have ample amount of information regarding your health. 
  • As some diseases might get undetectable with a normal screening test, this full body health checkup helps in detecting any disease at their very early stage. 
  • Full body health package helps you monitor your overall health as well. Because of the covid-19. The last few years have taught us that there is no guarantee in life, which is why we should monitor our health from time to time.     
  • Severe diseases on its last stage require medical treatments, and it may also require hospitalization, which will cost you a lot. On the other hand, if the disease gets detected at the very first stage then it would cost little less.        

So, those are all the prime reasons why getting this checkup regularly is essential. Also, apart from all of the mentioned reasons, this checkup will improve your overall quality of life, and will motivate you to lead a healthy lifestyle as well. 

What are the tests which are included in the package?

The tests which are included in the full body health screening, are:

  • Blood and urine tests: Blood tests are used to detect several critical diseases, and urine tests can detect blood clots and kidney complexities. 
  • Cardiac risk markers: Our heart produces cardiac enzymes when it is affected with any disease. These cardiac risk markers tests will help in measuring these enzymes which will help your doctor’s understand whether your heart is in danger or not. 
  • Diabetes test: A diabetes test will help in monitoring the blood glucose or blood sugar level in your body. 
  • Hepatitis antibody test: This test will help in detecting the hepatitis infection by evaluating the amount of hepatitis antibodies in your blood sample. 
  • Kidney profile test: The kidney profile test is performed to understand whether your kidney is functioning properly, and to detect kidney diseases. 
  • Liver profile test: The liver profile test will help to detect problems with your liver, and will help to understand liver functionalities. 
  • Lipid profile test: A lipid profile test is included in the full body checkup package to evaluate the cholesterol levels in your blood. 
  • Pulmonary lung function test: This function test will help to monitor your lung functions, and detect any abnormalities in your lungs.  
  • Thyroid function test: This test will help in measuring the TSH, T3 and T4 hormone levels in your body to detect a thyroid condition. 
  • Vitamin profile test: This vitamin profile test will provide you with information about different vitamins and minerals levels in your body. 

So, those are all the basic tests which are included in every health checkup package. Thyrocare bangalore now offers full body checkup at home which is ideal for people who have busy lifestyles and cannot go to the doctor’s chamber for checkup. Therefore, find a full body checkup in bangalore and book your package now.

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