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How to Start a Career in Software Development as a Non-CS Major – Revature

Career in Software Development

Are you interested in a career in software development but don’t have a degree in computer science? Don’t worry, you can still make it happen! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best ways to start a career in software development, according to Revature, even if you don’t have a CS degree. We’ll cover everything from what skills you need to how to find a job. So whether you’re just getting started or you’re already working in the industry but want to make the switch to software development, this blog post is for you.

What is Software Development?

Before we get started, let’s first define what software development is. Software development is the process of creating, testing, and maintaining software. This can include everything from developing mobile apps to building websites to creating video games. Basically, if there’s software involved, someone has to develop it.

What Skills Do You Need?

Now that we know what software development is let’s talk about the skills you need to be a software developer. The most important skill you need is coding. Coding is the process of writing code, which is a set of instructions for a computer to follow. If you want to be a software developer, you need to know how to code.

In addition to coding, you should also have strong problem-solving skills. As a software developer, you will be responsible for solving complex problems. To do this, you need to be able to think critically and come up with creative solutions.

You should also have strong communication skills. This is important because you will often be working in team environments and will need to be able to communicate effectively with other developers, project managers, and clients.

Where to Start

If you’re interested in a career in software development but don’t have a CS degree, the best place to start is by teaching yourself how to code. There are plenty of resources out there that can help you do this, including online courses, coding boot camps, and books.

Once you have a strong understanding of the basics of coding, you can start looking for entry-level software development jobs. To find these jobs, you can search job boards, attend job fairs, or reach out to companies directly.

Another option is to get an internship in software development. This can be a great way to gain experience and make connections in the industry.

Other Skills You Need to Succeed

In addition to the skills we’ve already discussed, there are a few other skills you need to be successful in a career in software development. These include:

  • The ability to learn new technologies quickly. The software development industry is constantly changing, so it’s important that you’re able to learn new technologies as they come out.
  • Strong time-management skills. As a software developer, you will often be working on multiple projects at the same time. It’s important that you’re able to manage your time effectively so that you can meet deadlines.
  • Attention to detail. When you’re working on a project, it’s important that you pay attention to the details so that you can catch any errors.

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