Best Washing Machine

There are various features that you have to look at, before buying.

  • Semi-Automatic vs Fully Automatic
  • Front Loading vs Top-Loading
  • Washing machine technologies:
    • Inverter technologies
    • Direct Drive Technology
    • Flexwash & Twin wash
    • Ecobubble and O2 wash
    • 6-Motion and DD Motion
    • Innovative Drum Technologies
    • Soaking Technologies
    • Built-in Heaters in Washing Machines
    • Noise reduction and Anti-vibration Technologies

Semi-Automatic vs Fully Automatic

The concept ‘Automatic’ means that the machine does the washing as well as the drying part. All by itself!

Fully AutomaticSemi-Automatic
It has a program that carries out the process of washing, spinning and drying.You have to transfer the clothes manually to the spin tub after the washing cycle is over.
Washing, spinning & drying are done all in 1 tub.2 tubs – washtub and spin tub 
A lot of programs are available as per need.Lack of program.
Energy consumption same in bothEnergy consumption same in both

Front Load vs Top Load


The names are self-suggestive of their functions!

You have to either load clothes from the front or from the top, depending upon the type. Load into the washing drum, that is.

The top-loading machine is used in countries like India. And people in western countries prefer front-loading machines.

Feature/DescriptionSemi-AutomaticTop loading fully automaticFront loading fully automatic
Price range(INR)8000-2800012000-2000020000-80000
Water consumption(Litres)20/wash cycle40/wash cycle50/wash cycle
Wash modes (eg. Wool, denim etc)3-4 modes10-14 modesOver 100 modes
Noise levelMediumLowVery low
Fabric movement optionsRotateSpin, Tumble, RotateSpin, Tumble,  Rotate


Washing Machine Technologies

Inverter Technology

This technology enables the washing machine to run at an optimal efficiency depending upon load in the drum.


  • Machines without the inverter technology run at a fixed speed. So, it takes a longer time to reach the comfort zone.
  • You cannot adjust the accelerator. So, it takes a longer time to get comfortable and then soon becomes uncomfortable again.
  • The efficiency goes too high or too low.

In Inverter Technology:

  • The machine reaches a comfortable zone quickly.
  • It adjusts the accelerator and makes the machine run economically.
  • Keeps the performance in a comfortable zone at all times.

Direct Drive Technology

No Belt & Pulley Involved

No more buzzy sound. The BMC Motor Protection confirms a quiet and stable operation by holding on to the motor tightly.

(write briefly about each technology used in modern washing machines )

Flex and Twin wash

LG was the first to grace the world with this technology. It allows users to wash two loads of laundry at once: in a separate version of one heavy laundry and the other light (delicate) ones. The heavy laundry is fit into the main washer while the light laundry is fit into the mini washer and this essentially reduces the time of laundry.

The defining feature of the twin wash machine is the mini washer because of its particular advantage of allowing users to wash delicate materials without having to force them with heavy materials in the main washer.

6D motion and DD motion

This technology allows users to laundry by choosing the type of drum motion program they want. The drums move powerfully thereby washing clothes like they are being washed with hands while being gentle. The newest versions are packed with an Inverter Direct Drive motor.

This type of washing machine can hold about 6.5kg of laundry whilst using the detergents to penetrate them strongly.

SmartThinQ wifi

This technology of a washing machine gives users full control of their laundry process. This is a modernized technology as it uses wifi to control the laundry, this wifi tech can also be used to control other kitchen appliances.

All the user has to do is connect their laundry on maca hine with the LG app on their phone and they need not worry anymore.

This tech eliminates the risk of forgetting clothes in the washing machine as it sends notifications via the app to the user.

 Smart Diagnosis

This is fundamentally a necessary upgrade to the SmartThinQ wifi technology. This also uses the wifi technique on the LG app to troubleshoot and diagnose problems the washing machine could be had in such a way that the user would not have to call over the company representative to diagnose the problem the washing machine is having.

Jet Spray

This technology comes with two significant advantages: it saves up the largest amount of water and it makes sure the texture of the fabric is not compromised. The jest spray flushes the fabric with loads of water, passing through the fabric and removing the stains making it clean while also helping the user save water bills.

The jet spray technology uses brute force to cleanse the clothes with water that it saves.

Child lock

This technology hinges solely on the safety of children. Since children are bound to act erratically from time to time, this technology is used to ensure their safety around the washing machine in such a way that all the buttons on the machine are locked except the power button such that the washing cycle cannot be changed.

Also, close to the end of a washing cycle, if the child lock protocol is activated, the washing machine automatically powers off. So, the children cannot use the washing machine unless the child lock is deactivated.

 Aqua Shower Rinse

This technology is similar to that of the jet spray. It uses a wide-angled load of water in form of a shower to equally and strongly flush and enter clothes while washing them efficiently. It uses this tech to rinse the clothes whilst saving the highest amount of water.

Tackling Hard Water

Hard Water is the type of water that contains metals like calcium and magnesium such that when this type of water is used to wash clothes, mineral deposits are clogging the laundry machine thereby reducing its efficiency.

Various technologies have been developed to tackle hard water: some machines come with an automatic water softener that softens the hard water efficiently, and some move with high enough speed to wash the clothes whilst avoiding clogging.

If you search online or offline retail stores, you will find popular brands like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Bosch etc all are having most of these technologies. These brands do provide limited period of warranty for free repair or parts replacements. Although these brands performs well and runs for a longer period of time, yet they are still machine and can break down anytime. So, you need to hire the Urban service Plaza’s washing machine repair service, which is best in Kolkata.


These days there are lots of options available in the market. You have to be well-versed with technology. This gives you an edge while buying a washing machine.

Washing machines are a must these days! One cannot imagine washing dirty clothes and bed sheets without it.

That is why we have compiled a comprehensive list. Also, we have explained the little things that need to be checked.

I hope that you may find the article very useful. And it guides you in making a buying decision.

If you have any doubts or comments please write below.

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