Project Attraction:   Bahria Town signature facilities and modern infrastructure

Project Type:   Gated community with complete Bahria Town lifestyle facilities

Project Status:  All Registration Forms Sold Out. Issuance of Registration Forms has been stopped and now only already issued forms will be submitted. Park View City Islamabad

Enrollment Charge Just Rs.30,000

Last Date for Enrollment is eighth September 2015

Strategic Location:

    •    Close to Rohri Canal Bridge
    •    On Qazi Ahmed Road

A large portion of foundation and improvement work previously finished. Visit the Site Today.

Lifestyle Facilities

    •    Master Planned Community
    •    International Standard School and Hospital (Under Construction)
    •    Parks and Zoo (Under Construction)
    •    Restaurant and Mosque (Under Construction)
    •    Latest Security Infrastructure and Emergency Services
    •    100% Power Backup (No Load Shedding)

Check Security Elements prior to buying Enrollment Structure

Unique Security highlights have been included the First Enrollment Structure for its legitimacy. Get the Enlistment Structures confirmed from Bahria Town Workplaces.

Bahria Town The board won’t be liable for any unapproved Enlistment Structures

Register to get your venture. At the hour of undertaking send off, need Booking of just Enlisted Candidates will be directed. Enrollment structures can be gotten and submitted to selected Bahria Town Workplaces, and named bank offices of UBL Bank and MCB Bank across kistan.

Handling Charge (Non Refundable)

Portion Credit Amount*

Complete Enlistment Charge

*Will be added at the hour of booking portion plan

Security Features of the Registration Form

•    Form printed on Carbon Paper, both papers are printed on high grammagepaper
•    Golden Seal of Bahria Town is printed directly on the paper (no sticker is used) which changes color as you move the paper
•    The words ‘Bahria Town Nawabshah’ appear purple in cold temperatures and pink in hot temperatures
•    Special spots only visible through UV lighting
•    QR barcode which redirects to Bahria Town website
•    Exclusive motif on the outer side of the form
•    When viewed under a microscope, in place of section lines the words Bahria Town will be visible Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

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